Andrei Lugovski have tears verbijten: “I can’t step by step

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Andrei Lugovski was this weekend in Ostend, his return for the first time since he was now more than two months ago and have been poisoned as it was. The 1300 fans were elated that they finally got their idol back on the job, but … “Today, I will cry a lot, because I’m just so happy to be here, and it is in this stage,” said Andrei. Andrei Lugovski, the action is completely finished, but it was at times difficult. “I’ve got so much in the mood to dance, but I didn’t take steps.” When the still-rehabilitating a singer, his text is corrupted, or stumbled over some words, did he have a touch of humor. And if we look at Andrei Lugovski back in full. This year, there are still about 20 to 30 performances are scheduled, and there will also be a CD and a christmas album in.