Those who are new to me in the result?

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We had the Ketnetters in the King and Live to find out who the five candidates are, in order, Charlotte Leysen as the result wrapper. At the end of June, and Charlotte Leysen, to which they had been for eight years, will stop, when Teen-me. They did a call for new talent. Out of hundreds of applicants to go now to the five candidates, the fight is on. Over the next four weeks, choose the Ketnetters myself because the new me is more exciting, the online search: Who is me?

The candidates
Aaron Blommaert
Aaron is 17 years old and is originally from Aalst, belgium. He has just started his last year of high school. He had been at the result to see if the Robin in the series, 4eVeR, and played the lead role in the Teen Musical comedy: Kadanza, and it is one of the 5 people in the new boysband It. Soon, Aaron was also to be seen in a stage musical about the fall of the Berlin wall.

Dieter Janssen
He is 21 years old and eat there. He is a teacher of a primary school, a jeugdmonitor in the heart, and the kidneys, plays a variety of musical instruments, and has a good dansbenen, and trains with his grandfather for a marathon.

Esther, Mwanu
She came out of Laakdal, belgium. She is 21 years old and is a student of communication sciences in Leuven in belgium. Esther is obsessed with dance, it is a very quiet type of humor, and doesn’t like the dt-related errors.

Tinneke Van Ransbeeck
Tinneke is from Herdersem, East Flanders, belgium), and has been for 23 years. She is a physiotherapist and is now in training as a radio to the RITCS. Tinneke is placed next to the entrance, is a globetrotter, playing diatonic accordion, and have a lot of folk music.