Have a party at Huizenjagers

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This week, the Huizenjagers for a party of around Antwerp, and they are going to be in the Antwerp suburbs is looking for a home for charmezanger to Steve every Tuesday and stiefmama Julie Mahieu, known for “The Day”. The Antwerp-based edge is slightly greener and less crowded than the City itself, but still good.
Be the first to huizenjager of the week in Front. He is a young, ambitious and full of self-confidence. He is a man of figures with a passion for people and his job. In front, is not afraid of a challenge and will go all the way to the trophy.

Solange, this week for a serious serving of girl power. Solange kluste years at various clubs in and around the city of Antwerp, and has, therefore, a lot of people. The cheerful blonde has been a social, very passionate and always gives 100%. If she is, she is this week, at the very least, two of the men in the Huizenjagersbusje.

Philippe, from the Punishment of real-Estate on the Left bank, is the latest agent of the week. His dry sense of humor is part of his verkoopstechniek. He’s not afraid to admit that he was not born a real estate agent, but ended after finishing his studies, however, is in the real estate market. Philippe is a very peaceful and a win they need to do it. As long as it’s a fun experience for all.

A party, a coffee machine and a boat
On Monday, the 23rd of september of this year, charmezanger to Steve every Tuesday, along with his wife, Fern, on the lookout for a new home. The couple would like to be a bit greener living, currently, they live in a red zone in terms of the quality of the air and they want to bring about change. Most of all, they will move to somewhere where it is warm and cozy it is. An absolute must is to have a large living room area, where everyone in the party can dance to!

On Tuesday, the 24th of september, going to football is the Date she chose, and his girlfriend, Diana, in search of their own abode. It is a Belgian-Russian couple is looking for something in a modern style with classical elements. Also, the high ceilings, it can not be missed, as Diana’s would cost, it was costing her, this antique chandelier is hanging, like a real eye-catcher.