Comments after the tie at the top PSV eindhoven-Ajax amsterdam (closed)

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Comments after the tie at the top PSV eindhoven-Ajax amsterdam (closed)

September 22, 2019 12:18
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In the Premier league-on Sunday’s in the front of the cake topper PSV-Ajax, which, at 16.45, it is started. At the same time, it was the kick-off to ADO Den Haag, AZ, and earlier in the day, FC Emmen-Feyenoord (3-3), sc Heerenveen-FC Utrecht (1-1) will be played. Follow all the live.

  • Premier league
  • Results:
  • PSV eindhoven-Ajax amsterdam 1-to-1
  • ADO-AZ-0 TO 1
  • Heerenveen, The Netherlands-Utrecht, The Netherlands 1-By-1
  • Emmen-Feyenoord 3-3

ADO Den Haag-AZ · – one hour ago

The broken nose is for The White one
“We’re going to assume that This is the White nose is broken.” That is, let Z be know on Twitter. The White rose from early in the game, ADO Den Haag, hard to get in touch with Tom Beugelsdijk. The midfielder was, however, to get back on the field, but it was in the first half of it is already set to be replaced.PSV-Ajax is one from an hour ago

“I am very satisfied with the result,” said the PSV coach, Mark van Bommel is at the FOX Sports. “When you are 1-0 out of and still know to come back, then you are very happy with it. Of course, I would have liked to see that in the end were able to push through it, but that is always a challenge. Ajax started off well, we were, in the beginning, they won’t have to spend. This was then followed by a number of omschakelmomenten, that we do not uitspeelden. In the second half, we started well and we got better at the game. It was a great experience to see how we came back. We have had so many games to be played, and that it hurts to get it done.”ADO Den Haag-AZ · – one hour ago

Crysencio Summerville was against AZ basisdebuut and went the positive! 💬 “A basisdebuut, it is better if you win” #ADOaz


AuteurADO in The Hague 🔰Time plaatsen19:14 – september 22, 2019PSV, But one from an hour ago

“We dominated,” said Ajax coach Erik ten Hag on FOX Sports. “We earned it at 1-0, but because of a small mistake we have to be short and then due to a hit on the receiving end. That’s a shame. It’s very simple: one of us ordered his men to walk. Times were free and not covered by insurance. That does not in any way related to their policy-making. A stupid mistake, and this is what we need to work on. I don’t have a lot of chances for PSV eindhoven. While we are fully confident the more often they should score a goal.”ADO Den Haag-AZ · – one hour ago

🙌🏼 Together all the way to Victory!
#adoaz #coybir


AuteurAZMoment of plaatsen19:10 – september 22, 2019PSV, But one from an hour ago

Ihattaren, that is, as a future international and a choice of Orange, and in Morocco, it would still not be called for the two countries. “My father is sick, and when I’m free, I want to spend my time with him be spent”, said the teenager was on FOX Sports. “As long as my father is ill, I’m going to choice absolutely will not make it. I want to be with him, if that’s possible. Family to me is everything.”PSV-Ajax is one from an hour ago

“For myself, it was fantastic”, said Mohamed Ihattaren on FOX Sports. “It was my first hit, and I’m standing here with a sense of pride. The result has been, however, I would like to win. It wasn’t easy, but I’ve found that to be very good, they came back after 0-1. I always want to play well, but against Ajax, I want to show you what I can do. I’m so glad that I did.”PSV eindhoven-Ajax amsterdam · 2 hours ago

The last time Ajax was unbeaten after six matches in a Premier league season in 2015/2016, or five times earnings and one times the same). Ajax gave, when, on the last day, the title of DAME.PSV eindhoven-Ajax amsterdam · 2 hours ago

📢 The traditional top three, Ajax, PSV eindhoven and Feyenoord, it is-after 6 rounds-still a long time. The last time that all three clubs in their first 6 matches were not to be lost in 1997/1998. #Champion’s league #psvajax


AuteurGracenoteNetherlandsMoment of plaatsen18:47 – september 22, 2019PSV and Ajax · 2 hours ago

“Of course you want to win, but if you’re 1-0 up you want to, especially not to lose,” says Donyell Times, for FOX Sports. “I’m standing here with mixed feelings. They had plenty of the ball, and we were given a number of counters, which are just not very good uitspeelden. In the second half, things went a little better. We have something else to play with, and there it was, ultimately, a goal from it.”ADO Den Haag-AZ · 2 hours ago

A-Z grab the three points in a mediocre team, ADO
ADO Den Haag and AZ used to be a few of the spectacular afternoon. For the rest, there was very little to do with the Cars, the Jeans Arena. After a rest, got the a-Z of the best in the game, and made it to the Alkmaarders a number of times and can be dangerous for the purpose of a schmo who has to come out. The emerging ADO-net is one of the most put to the test by his own defender and debit cards, which are almost in their own goal of his lap. A moment later, Koopmeiners it’s the chance to score a goal to the right. The referee lindhout create gave up a penalty, after a violation of Gudmundsson, who use of the E-leader. In this way, the end result is on the scoreboard: 0 to 1.ADO Den Haag-AZ · 2 hours ago itwill be over! AZ wins in a mediocre match with 0 to 1 of ADO, and thanks to an entire penalty by just joe Koopmeiners.PSV eindhoven-Ajax amsterdam · 2 hours ago

Over! However, on top, between PSV and Ajax, is no winner: 1-to-1.PSV eindhoven-Ajax amsterdam · 2 hours to geleden90+2,’ A hard shot from Gakpo is going to be a meter next to it.ADO Den Haag-AZ · 2-hour geleden85 ” ADO calls, but have no big opportunities. Beugelsdijk, it is the nearest to a goal for the home side but his effort from the distance, disappearing over the target.PSV eindhoven-Ajax amsterdam · 2 hours to geleden90 ” There will be three minutes of stoppage time at the.PSV eindhoven-Ajax amsterdam · 2 hours to geleden88′ Dare to PSV or Ajax to win, or both teams will be content with a draw? Two minutes and some stoppage time to the netherlands.PSV eindhoven-Ajax amsterdam · 2 hours ago

A total of scored Times, seven times in this Premier league season in which he top-scored in the competition. He is the only player from the BACKLINE that is more than a one-Premier-league-goal has been made this year.PSV eindhoven-Ajax amsterdam · 2 hours to geleden83′ Ziyech there is a free-kick in the penalty area, but Sweet, with his fists up, and that Ajax is an option.PSV eindhoven-Ajax amsterdam · 2 hours to geleden81′ BACKLINE continues to the end to find a the lead. A shot from Bruma is going to be a meter across.ADO Den Haag-AZ · 2 hours ago there isa 75′ GOAL in AZ! From 0 to 1

How Koopmeiners used, the penalty will be. This is the captain of AZ and the first player to place all of the Alkmaarders in three successive Premier league-scored a penalty kick advantage.ADO Den Haag-AZ · 2-hour geleden75′ Penalty goal for AZ! The Alkmaarders to get a free kick after an infringement at the Gudmundsson.PSV eindhoven-Ajax amsterdam · 2 hours ago78′ GOAL in PSV’s! 1-to-1

Donyell Malen! The attacker is diepgestuurd by a Gakpo, and shoot a controlled touch. It is the same in the Philips Stadium.PSV eindhoven-Ajax amsterdam · 2 hours to geleden76, ” A double-switch in the BACKLINE. Jorrit Hendrix is leaving the field to be replaced by Cody Gakpo. Olivier Boscagli is out in the field for Michal Sadílek.PSV eindhoven-Ajax amsterdam · 2 hours ago

Ajax, which stands for the first time since march 20, 2016, and lead in Eindhoven, the netherlands, in the Hague. When it first opened Arek Owned by the score, and in Eindhoven, and finally with a 0-2 win.ADO Den Haag-AZ · 2-hour geleden69 ” Great opportunity for the right. Gudmundsson can be quite hurtful to the keeper, but the Farmer will shoot high.PSV eindhoven-Ajax amsterdam · 2 hours ago

Quincy Promes will play today for the third time at PSV eindhoven, and, just like in the previous matches, he comes today, he’s playing up against the Locals. In the last two matches will be carried Promes in the shirt of FC Twente (2013/2014).ADO Den Haag-AZ · 2-hour geleden66′ a-Z will be getting stronger all the time. After the critical time, for the purpose of Koopman, you have to shoot Stengs from a distance and just next to it.PSV eindhoven-Ajax amsterdam · 2 hours to geleden69′ It’s the return of Donny van de Beek. The argentine is a month of injuries out in the field, and will replace David Neres.ADO Den Haag-AZ · 2-hour geleden63, ” There is Koopman, for the first time, this contest will put them to work, and to do so by his own defender. I rarely get to debit cards get the ball almost into his own goal.ADO Den Haag-AZ · 2-hour geleden61 Also use the ADO coach Alfons Groenendijk is going to change. Bilal Ould-Chikh replaces Elson Hooi.PSV eindhoven-Ajax amsterdam · 2 hours to geleden66′ is A great opportunity for PSV to get the balance right to look at them, but Bruma has set his sights not on a Thursday. The attacker will be completely free after a fine cross from the Ihattaren, and the Portuguese, more than in addition to do.ADO Den Haag-AZ · 2-hour geleden60 ” ADO and AZ will go after the rest of the same foot. Is still the case, there is little in The Hague, the netherlands. However, Time Slot, and the second switch is used. Still doing it, is replaced by Zakaria Aboukhlal.PSV eindhoven-Ajax amsterdam · 2 hours ago –63′ GOAL, and Ajax. From 0 to 1

Tadic will find the Promes, which is only very little space is needed and hit the ball into the bottom left hand corner out. Ajax is leading in europe.PSV eindhoven-Ajax amsterdam · 2 hours ago

Also, after you want to get to the cracker between PSV and Ajax, but it does not come off. Both of these teams will give each other a little space, and that the game doesn’t benefit from it.PSV eindhoven-Ajax amsterdam · 2 hours to geleden58′ Ihattaren the best option for the PSV so far. The attacker curled a free-kick from a metre or two in the direction of the road, but it Onana responds quickly.PSV eindhoven-Ajax amsterdam · 2 hours to geleden54′, A shot distance from Dest to sail over.ADO Den Haag-AZ · 2-hour geleden49 That it’s still 0-0 in the Cars and Jeans, the Stadium should be specifically mentioned. At the heart of The Hague, this season, all sixteen-time has been scored, including five goals in a match from a-Z and in four of the ADO. Only in The Grolsch Veste was the players, which is often the goal, which is about seventeen times.PSV eindhoven-Ajax amsterdam · 2 hours to geleden50 ” Sweet is going to be stretched after a header by Veltman, and just tap the ball in from a cross. Ajax calls to it.ADO Den Haag-AZ · 3 hours of geleden46 in The Hague for the match to be resumed.PSV eindhoven and Ajax · 3 hours geleden48′ Ziyech will take, the purpose of the Fresh fire. His shot comes along.PSV eindhoven and Ajax · 3 hours geleden48′ It is Sweet and unharmed. The PSV-the final item on the shoots, a kick against the Ziyech, but the Moroccan international will to tackle, then the ball will, and can, therefore, not benefit from it.PSV eindhoven and Ajax · 3 hours geleden46′ Ihattaren have a lot of space, and the stuff on the right side. For the attacker to give the ball, then it is not good that a potential opportunity will be lost.FC Emmen-Feyenoord · 3 hours ago

The tribe is irritated after the loss of points
Jaap Stam and it bothers on the manner in which the Club points are missed in the uitduel FC Emmen, the netherlands. “I’m afraid of. The frustrating thing is that the boys have been able to show that they can do it, and it is a shame that there is still something insluipt: a slower pace of play, losing the ball, is suffering, is no longer in the correct position and get the ball there’s no more in-between to play with.” According to the Liverpool coach, this is not the first time that Season in a game far, far reduced. “That must have been like. With all due respect, in this game we have to win. I’m annoyed, and that’s all.”PSV eindhoven and Ajax · 3 hours geleden46 ” No changes made to both the PSV as well as Ajax. The match will be restarted.PSV eindhoven and Ajax · 3 hours ago

For the first time in the PSV-Ajax, on-september 22, 2013 in Eindhoven, the peace will not be scored in this game. At the time, beat PSV in after the quiet, add: 4-0.ADO Den Haag-AZ · 3 hours ago

Peace of mind! For the first 45 minutes have gone by in The Hague, and there has been very little done. The two teams were not able to serious opportunities. The main point of the first half, it was the bloody nose, from a-Z-but admits he And the White, which he gets later in the field had to be abandoned.PSV eindhoven and Ajax · 3 hours ago

For the first time this Premier league season comes to Ajax for the rest is not up to score goals.ADO Den Haag-AZ · 3 hours of geleden45+1′ a Chance for Myron still doing it, but he’s off the ball next to the goal. Debuting the ADO keeper Koopmans, don’t have to be in the action.Back to top

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