Ajax allows for relaxation opportunities are to be found in the top match against PSV eindhoven

33aee66117ccf790c6a8c56ae73c4f85 - Ajax allows for relaxation opportunities are to be found in the top match against PSV eindhoven

Ajax allows for relaxation opportunities are to be found in the top match against PSV eindhoven

September 22, 2019 12:18
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In the Premier league-on Sunday’s in the front of the cake topper PSV-Ajax, which, at 16.45, it is started. At the same time, it was the kick-off to ADO Den Haag, AZ, and earlier in the day, FC Emmen-Feyenoord (3-3), sc Heerenveen-FC Utrecht (1-1) will be played. Follow all the live.

  • Premier league
  • LIVE:
  • PSV-Ajax 0-0
  • ADO-AZ’S 0-0
  • Results:
  • Heerenveen, The Netherlands-Utrecht, The Netherlands 1-By-1
  • Emmen-Feyenoord 3-3

PSV eindhoven-Ajax amsterdam one minute geleden41′ BACKLINE calls. Timo Baumgartl puts the ball up for himself and shoots from the edge of the penalty area and one-half feet apart.ADO Den Haag-AZ · 2-minute geleden40 “Five minutes’ peace, and to the keepers of both the teams are yet to actually put them to work.PSV eindhoven and Ajax · 3-minute geleden40′ Times in drag to the ball, but Veltman is on alert and is in hot pursuit of the ball and the seats in it. The PSV may be a good opportunity to take.PSV eindhoven and Ajax · 5 minutes to geleden38′ Promes failing to Ajax on the edge of shooting! The flankspeler is a one-two with Tadic, and get up close with the chance to take the score to open it up. Promes has a visor, however, is not as sharp and popping the ball next to the wrong side of the road.PSV eindhoven and Ajax · 6 hours ago

Jeroen Zoet, after half an hour, three search and rescue flights carried out. In the previous five Premier-league-matches by PSV eindhoven in this season of Sweet, in a total of 7 rescues (one rescue by the 64-minute).PSV eindhoven and Ajax · an 8-minute geleden35′ Sadílek, it is in the first RANGE there is a box to receive. The Church is at the foot to Tadic and that is to go with the yellow.PSV eindhoven and Ajax · is a 9-minute geleden34′ Ziyech’s free kick onto the head of Tadic, who is in front of the headline.PSV-Ajax in 10 minutes ago

It was after about half an hour, still 0-0. Last season was the final score of 3-0 after only 35 minutes away on the scoreboard.PSV eindhoven and Ajax · an 11-minute drive geleden32 With an acrobatic bicycle kick, shoot Times, from the edge of the penalty area over the mark.PSV eindhoven and Ajax · 13 hours ago

The challenge in Eindhoven, after half an hour still to go on.ADO Den Haag-AZ · up to 14 minutes geleden25 ” There’s not a lot of exciting moments in the first 25 minutes of this game. The most dangerous moments came from ADO Den Haag, the netherlands. A shot distance of Plenty of hard, but that was about it. And Crysencio Summerville more great play by Z-match, it looks for the ball just a bit too high.PSV eindhoven and Ajax · is a 14-minute geleden28′ What a great opportunity for a Tagliafico, to score, to pull on the cord. Tadic pulls the ball hard, and achieved it with a bit of luck for the Spaniard, who is Ihattaren trumping. Tagliafico shows his commitment to the legs of the Sweet planet.PSV eindhoven and Ajax · is a 17-minute geleden26′ Neres dribbles in from the left of the penalty area and pulls it out. Sweet, responds quickly and picks up the ball and klemvast.ADO Den Haag-AZ · 17 hours ago

The round of applause for Fernando Ricksen in the picture.


AuteurADO in The Hague 🔰Time plaatsen17:may 11 – september 22, 2019PSV and Ajax · is a 17-minute geleden25′ Ihattaren don’t see that Bergwijn on the right are completely free, and it pulls out. The shot is blocked by Ajax goalkeeper.ADO Den Haag-AZ · 20 minutes geleden22′ And the White one needs to leave the field. He has a lot of trouble with his bleeding nose, which he had in the match, suffered in a collision with Tom Beugelsdijk. Albert Gudmundsson is to take his place.PSV eindhoven and Ajax · a 21-minute drive geleden22 Milling gets up and gets out of it, but his shot lacks the power to keep Ajax in his Onana is in trouble.PSV eindhoven and Ajax · is a 22-minute geleden21′, If you will, the first quarter of the match, didn’t see it, then you didn’t miss a thing. This opportunity we have been up to. PSV eindhoven and Ajax, and some long shots are dangerous have been.PSV eindhoven and Ajax · 23-geleden20 ” A dangerous outbreak of the pitch will lead us nowhere. Times, takes the ball and touches the ball.PSV eindhoven and Ajax · is a 24-minute geleden19′ Fresh, processed only with difficulty to a shot of the Monument and into the corner. So close to the Locals when a hit has been.PSV eindhoven and Ajax · is a 28-minute geleden14′ Daley Blind picks up the first yellow card of the match. Following his departure to chelsea, with a sliding tackle at the ball, and the spuds Bergwijn get away from it.ADO Den Haag-AZ · a 28-minute geledenIn in The Hague, is to be there for the kick-off, just dealt with the death of Fernando Ricksen.

❤️ Ricksen
✝️ RIP
#adoaz 0-0


AuteurAZMoment of plaatsen16:57 am – september 22, 2019ADO Den Haag-AZ · 29 minutes geleden12 ” ADO Den Haag and AZ take it easy in the early stages. There are no great opportunities have been.PSV eindhoven and Ajax · a 30-minute geleden13 After an entertaining early take on both sides of what the pedal down. Ajax-tap the ball around in their own half and PSV eindhoven let it be done.PSV eindhoven and Ajax · 31 minutes ago

PSV eindhoven is unbeaten over the thuisduels in the Premier league, which is 45 times earnings and 5 times the same), since a is a 0-1-defeat at Feyenoord on 18 september, 2016. Love the series, even after today’s work?PSV eindhoven and Ajax · a 34-minute geleden9′, And this is the first doelpoging of the Year. A shot of Ziyech is going to hold next.PSV eindhoven and Ajax · a 35-minute geleden8 After a cautious beginning, calls for the PSV to it. Sadílek stuff on the left, and gives a harsh, but there is no RANGE for the purpose, in order to get the ball in.ADO Den Haag-AZ · 35 minutes geleden5′ And the White one goes to ground after a challenge with Tom Beugelsdijk. E-but admits he does have a nose bleed on it.PSV eindhoven and Ajax · 37 minutes geleden5 The first shot on target of the pitch. Ihattaren passes the ball in towards the far bottom corner, but that Onana could be simple to save it.PSV eindhoven and Ajax · 39 minutes geleden3, ” A shot of the Monument is broken by the PSV defence. The attacking intent from the visitors, is clear.PSV eindhoven and Ajax · a 41-minute geleden2′, Ajax calls, straight into the absolute opening stages of the race. The Locals insist PSV eindhoven are back in their own half and look for a small hole.ADO Den Haag-AZ · 42 minutes ago, theKick-off! With the ball rolling into the Cars, Jeans, sports Stadium in The Hague, the netherlands. This is the a-Z embarked on his veertienhonderdste duel in the Eredivsie.PSV eindhoven and Ajax · 43 minutes ago, theKick-off! The ball is in Eindhoven! The cracker between PSV and Ajax is on the way.PSV-Ajax is one from an hour ago

Also present at the top, between PSV and Ajax in the Premier league. #psvaja


AuteurJeroen BijmaMoment of plaatsen16:44 pm – 22 september, 2019PSV, But one hour geledenHet the Philips Stadium, it is ready to go. The top match between PSV and Ajax is about to begin.PSV-Ajax is one from an hour ago

PSV eindhoven and Ajax amsterdam are in the process of re-warm-up. Donny van de Beek is back in the race. The attacking midfielder has recovered from a muscle injury, that he was at the end of August amounted to, but as Erik ten Hag is, it is still too early to make a move.ADO Den Haag-AZ · a one-hour geledenLuuk schmo who can, today, days, under, the bar at the ADO Den Hague, the netherlands. The preferred Mike Havekotte.

👐 Luuk Koopmans, makes its debut today, raising the bar. Way to go, Luuk!


AuteurADO in The Hague 🔰Time plaatsen16:27 – september 22, 2019ADO Den Haag-AZ · one-hour geledenFons Some of the starts today, with up to five other players of ADO Den Haag, the netherlands.

🎙Fons, Some of the five changes, “The differences are not so large as in the us. We would like the new players now also have the opportunity to give, and to see you.”


AuteurADO in The Hague 🔰Time plaatsen16:21 – september 22, 2019FC in Emmen-we’re going to o a day ago

Toornstra, who saves it in slotseconde a point for the Team after making a comeback in Emmen
We’re going to play it after a frantic duel with a 3-3-draw at FC Emmen, the netherlands. In the End give up a 0-2 lead the way, but it is in the absolute final phase provides for Jens Toornstra to a point 3-3.FC Emmen-Feyenoord-four hours ago, itwill be over! FC Emmen-Feyenoord: 3-3.FC Emmen-Feyenoord-four hours ago,90+6′ GOAL in the Club! 3-3

There is absolutely slotseconde later in the second half for the Team! Jens Toornstra of destruction of a metre, or eighteen-hard to remember.FC Emmen-Feyenoord-four hours geleden90+5′ in The last minute to run…the FC Emmen-Feyenoord-four hours geleden90+3′ The time is half over. The hometown audience celebrates pre party, but FC Emmen, it is not quite there yet. The team has, however, a lot of effort to get to the actual opportunity, to get.FC Emmen-Feyenoord-four hours geleden90, ” There are still five minutes away from Emmen!FC Emmen-Feyenoord-four hours geleden90′ in The last minute of official game time is running. What was with that?FC Emmen-Feyenoord-four hours geleden87′ Telgenkamp! The goalkeeper of FC Emmen, type a free-kick from Larsson in the target. It was almost 3-3.FC Emmen-Feyenoord-four hours geleden86′ We’ll be back in a few minutes. We’re going on the hunt for the final, and hopes to have even more, but for the time being, leads to FC Emmen, was still in with a 3-2.FC Emmen-Feyenoord-four hours geleden83′ we’re going to have not a lot of time. The People now have the ball on the half of Emmen, but the real opportunities are not there yet, it was a red card.FC Emmen-Feyenoord-four hours geleden80 to ” Go for FC Emmen in this hold? The ten-man home team is leading with a 3-2 against the eleven of the Club, but the city’s inhabitants, and put them on.Back to top

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