There is a Joe’s Top 2000

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Top 2000 live. And it should be taken literally, because in the run-up to the number one spot, which is now on Monday the 23rd of september, got a dj and a duo of Sven Ornelis and Anke Buckinx, among others, Jimmy Hendricks, Elvis, and Him on the floor at the ochtendshow. The Top 2000 will be presented by Charles-dj sets. As with every year, the Top-2000 pairs will be presented. This year’s huddle is Joe-the dj’s, Evi Hanssen en Kris Wauters, and for the first time, a behind-the-microphone to the Top 2000 Joe-dj Alexandra Potvin to the present. Being present on the 2nd of October and Museums, in addition to Gifts to present on the 23rd, 24th, and 27th of september and on 1 and 3 October. If it is from the Museums on it, the number 3 in the Top of the 2000 already will look like this:
“It is very difficult to make, but with three tracks to choose from. The Top 2000 is simply the year 2000, numbers-long celebration, memories, and jeugdsentiment. If I had to choose, I would put ‘Pump Up The Jam’ by Technotronic 3. Golden Earring ‘When the lady smiles’ at 2. My absolute number 1 is “Respect” by Aretha Franklin. A female power song ‘avant la lettre’. It’s actually a song that is in the lower school are taught, it would have to be in order to teach children respect for one another is the foundation of all relationships.”