The Luchtpolitie follows a vibrant touch to an altitude of 300 meters

44e52ce910a5a3b533944b767bbd3b61 - The Luchtpolitie follows a vibrant touch to an altitude of 300 meters

Nothing escapes the eye of a medallion up in the air. Starting on Monday, september 23rd, the new series of The Luchtpolitie, from the creators of Heroes, the one and only department in close air support from the Belgian police force. In the special, the cameras were in for a year, to the first row in the politiehelikopters, and was followed by the most exciting interventions from 300 meters above sea level. Thanks to the heat-sensitive, infrared cameras to see in the dark what is happening on the ground is happening. Chase, at the end of the loaf, missing persons tracing in a race against time to intervene in the violent clashes, factories, and forest fires put out: and The Luchtpolitie takes the viewer along on a thrilling flight, and allows them to see everything through the eyes of the team.

In episode 1, which zooms The Luchtpolitie right into a amazing touch. In a large antidrugsactie near the border, urging the helicopter to meter the vehicles from the air. When it is a white car, suddenly, the flight will take is a rise in the adrenaline in the cockpit. For the helicopter to follow the vehicle, which is kilometers long and has more than 200 km/h on the highway it’s a book. “And then you will see the stress piling up on that person,” said the Tactical Flight Officer in His. “Who wants to be out of sight of the police, to disappear, and the one risk after the other to take it. Sooner or later, your guardian angel and the sick, and there have been accidents…”