The good news for The Verhulst

e880bf71c058354f8bd28a85ce766e26 - The good news for The Verhulst

What a scare for Victor Verhulst, just over a week ago, and the young man, but at least four times with his car, overkop after a crash on the E40 highway. We were just on the road to Oostduinkerke, in order to make the birthday party of his sister, Marie, to celebrate. At that party, he has never been hit, They should be in the hospital and recovered from his crash. It soon became clear that They, to a high standard and was released, at the same time, it was uncertain as to whether The Sunday when the first episode of “Dancing With The Stars” would be able to dance to it. Just this past Wednesday, it put In again for the first time on the dance floor, it became clear that join would be possible. We gave up Friday’s shot of the place. How can he have it from, that may be, we still have no report. Sunday evening at 20 o’clock, you will see the results on the FOUR. On Sunday evening, november 10, the successor to the James Cooke, the winner of the first edition of the Dancing With The Stars.