Rosa’s Home is going to sing

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Annick Segal, better known as Rosa’s Home on January 12, a part of the series Bellissama in the Excitement of the Fakkeltheater in Antwerp, belgium. On the basis of self-chosen music, is a journey through her life. Both of chansons, musicals and classical music will be heard, according to the actress, in a local Newspaper. These genres are very important in the life of an actor. During her concert, Annick Segal, the oh.a. on her relationship with her husband, about how her grandparents are from germany into Belgium came over with her horse in Zandhoven for a long time, unsafe uses. It is a journey through the life of the Home, the actress, on the basis of pieces of music that they themselves have chosen. This will make them very, very personally.

Annick singing, itself, but it is also accompanied by other musicians. She is not a musician, and the high notes to let them on to others. The actress is a big fan of classical music. Each of the opera ” in Antwerp, they saw, and the Queen Elisabeth international music competition, with the whole family, Segal looked at. For that reason, they are also part of this series.