Robrecht Vanden Thoren is on tour with the first show

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Will Robrecht Vanden Thoren on a european tour with his first-ever solo performance, “The highest mountain”. Robrecht Vanden Thoren is in the public known for its memorable portrayal in the award-winning film ‘Hasta la Vista’ and television’s ‘What-if’, ‘in the stars’, ‘Tom & Harry’, ‘Quiz me Quick’. He is now to be seen in the cinema, in the Flemish film ‘The Best of the Best, Dorien, B’, and will soon be available in the first of the Flemish actieduikbootfilm ‘List’. On his show, he has the honesty, the love and the trust, on the day before the wedding. There are a lot of shows sold out or nearly sold out, so please don’t hesitate to buy tickets.

The show will be supported and coached by Martijn Bouman Wouter Deprez. The premiere is on the 17th and 18th of October, in the minard theatre in his home town of Gent, belgium. Would prefer to be closer to home? There is no problem with a show planned for the future.
Earlier, Opwijk, Belgium, Knokke-Heist, belgium, Roulers, Dixmude, Centrum, Zottegem, Oudenaarde and many other cities.