Marco Borsato is releasing a new duet, and it’s not a stranger!

f30a64b66b15f06c07c1eb41d1757206 - Marco Borsato is releasing a new duet, and it's not a stranger!

With a 2-hour aftelfilmpje on his YouTube channel, Marco Borsato well, and the name was unveiled by the artist, with which he duetsingle as well as abroad. This week’s break to Marco, his own record, and he is, along with ‘How to dance’, in collaboration with Armin van Buuren and Davina, Michelle, for the 8th week in a 1 in the Ultratop 50. 6 number 1 hits, which He performs in Flanders, scoring is What the dance is one of the most successful, but, perhaps, he is able to record a quick break, because soon, you will see ” Lippenstif, a new duetsingle, which He took up with a Fast-paced, and one of the most promising Dutch artists. Fast, scored all of multi-gold and platinum, with our Neighbors, with the single ‘Scars’, and are very enjoyable current single, ‘class Reunion’. And with that, the song breaks down Fast, now, too, in Flanders, and as of this week, is the lead singer of the new Big Hit for CHARITY and the song is on the playlist Qmusic, NRJ, X is!is a must.d.a. In Flanders, it has a Fast paced over the years even with a strong faxbasis been developed, and it is one of the most popular artists among young people. After the ’Scars’ and ‘Down’, a song he recorded with Frenna, he ‘Wrote’ to us on the way to the top of the charts. In the Netherlands, he received this week from platinum to more than 50,000 streams, and has been for the past few weeks at the top spot in the charts. In the us, it took a little while to the Quick with his touching song about bullying and the way, from the playground to the public at large. Fast isn’t just a special artist, he is also from the people. In ‘Reunion’ he reminisces on his childhood and how he got into the class and was bullied by his cleft lip. He was used to being bullied, he was the guy at the class reunion, where everyone else is with him in the picture wanted to be. Fast is no middle finger up to the bullies, but on the contrary. He has been long forgiven, and they will be grateful for it, because it has continued to make music, and play games. Not only is it entertaining, but also for the production of, and sympathetic figure, Quick to make and that he was in Flanders as an artist is to participate in the summit,” says Kurt Frederickx, who with a House of Entertainment, the promotion provides for a Quick.