Eric Goens, sentenced, due to a heavy foot

ee2b606e66254386b3e7b670191bc39f - Eric Goens, sentenced, due to a heavy foot

On his television programs that there is little, if anything, to complain, to driving on the other hand, there is still a lot of work. Goens was the last year in the summer, firing up when he was on the motorway E40 in the 181km/h instead of the allowed 120 km/h ride. The first instance court has sentenced a tv maker, had been considered to be a 30-day driving ban and a fine of 480 euros, both of which are partly on one or more occasions. The producer took the decision in the appeal, as he will have a blank criminal record, and had. Goens has had his driver’s license is required in order to have a good job and to be able to exercise the right, however, commiserate with you. The appeal court confirmed the original spoken sentences.