A new set of Belpop on Canvas

9f32543e072849a9a2783ac1036d7630 - A new set of Belpop on Canvas

The Belgian world of music, it is an endless vessel filled with pain, stories. This proves that the documentary film series, Belpop, which is in autumn of this year already in its ninth edition. This year, Belpop, portraits of Joost Zweegers alias, Novastar, De Mens, the Team, and john Smith, as well as a look back at the 40 years of the Ancienne Belgique. In the commentary, the documentary will be re-read by jason Thompson. In the run-up to the new series, organizes, and Canvas on Saturday, the 5th of October at Trix in Antwerp ‘Belpop-Live’ by Novastar.

Episode 1 – Tuesday 7 October to : Novastar
The kick-off is Joost Zweegers, who, under the auspices of the Novastar for more than 20 years at a high level than that, but mentally, many times, by a deep valley, it is gone. ‘Giving up’ is not listed in the Zweegers’ dictionary. ‘Enthusiasm’ and ‘passion’ is in bold upper case letters. “The best is yet to come’, which is one of the many excellent songs, his life’s motto and the motivation to make time and time again to the best of their ability.