A Clown can Only be from Belgium’s Got Talent, step into a prison of life

980a236ed15a48e24bc272791b499989 - A Clown can Only be from Belgium's Got Talent, step into a prison of life

Is there any news about Kevin, L,,, the guy who, last year, his ex-girlfriend is murdered, and subsequently, after hours and hours of it on the roof of an apartment, with a gun at that time. K. L, better known as the Clown Tobi was in the news after a murder had been committed in Oudenburg. It was here that the man’s ex-girlfriend, who is. She died in the end. As if that wasn’t bad enough we had to be more to the man, and her three children are tied up, and spent hours on the floor as well. K. L. went down during an argument with his ex-girlfriend was crazy, and brought out a lethal knife stab to.

The man was special forces captured and would remain in the prison of Bruges, in the process. There, Kevin L recently committed suicide. By Kevin L in 2012 as a Clown and can Only be seen in the VTM-programme Belgium’s Got Talent, and was later closely, and adding in, among other things, He is Paul. Kevin L 32.