Tourist LeMC, provides campaign theme for the 11.11.11

Tourist LeMC, provides campaign theme for the 11.11.11

For the first time in the history of 11.11.11, wrote to an artist, is an exclusive track for the autumn campaign. And not just any home! No less a person than a Tourist LeMC was the issue with Ubuntu is that today on the radio and over the air, and downloadplatformen will be launched. The 11.11.11-campaign is in the sign of the change makers, the people who are on a quest to make this world a better place to live. And who succeed in doing so.

Tourist LeMC is a perfect match for the 11.11.11. Since the appearance of the muziekfirmament shines, he is a big commitment. In addition, he is speaking to a large audience. Was he recently been a source of inspiration for the campaign is to make a trip to the Congo with 11.11.11, where he has a Radio Maendeleo has been visited. That is, a channel which is the news, and democratic norms spread, and to ensure that governments are held accountable for their actions in the Bukavu and the whole of the Project area. Thus, it represents the radio is in the best interests of the people, and the transmitter is a place for those who often have no voice.

Tourist : “I’m very impressed with the impact of Radio Maendeleo in Bukavu have. I saw this with an enthusiastic team of radio producers at work who will stop at nothing to get the listeners to be informed and to be entertained. A bunch of amazing professionals. It is very important that these initiatives will receive support from organisations such as 11.11.11 because that is the role of it to the people in power in a hard context, it is not to be underestimated is.”

In all of the continents, cross, people, movements and organisations through which the neck of a socially and ecologically more just world. And they do, often in difficult conditions, with the counter-forces that make life very difficult. The campaign for change makers want to 11.11.11 on this is the highlight.