The new single is Metejoor: “happy to see you’

73935eb91a008fec7aefa829418d5b4c - The new single is Metejoor: "happy to see you'

Metejoor spent the summer of his life, and it is far from being the gig is over, far from it. With his nomination for the Radio 2 summer Hit had the lead singer from the netherlands in the sky. Flanders, enjoy the music, and that is, of course, is the intention of the artist. With his new single, he hopes, still more to the Flemings, to the cathedral. “Glad to see you” is actually about everything that’s bittersweet, it’s a reminder of what was, and what a pain it can be doing, but nevertheless, it is good to keep in mind. “Take a picture of someone you lost, in a letter to a former love, a message from a friend that a long time ago and due to circumstances have lost it. In short, it’s bittersweet to say goodbye, and the desire to do it again to feel it” said George he added.