Comments after the defeat to Wigan and a draw, AZ (closed)

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Comments after the defeat to Wigan and a draw, AZ (closed)

19 september 2019, 18:28
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In the Europa League will be Thursday night in the first of the group stage matches will be played. PSV eindhoven won 3-2 to Sporting CP, Liverpool lost 1-0 by Rangers FC and AZ went 2-2 at FK Partizan. Follow the responses in this club, in our liveblog.

Good evening and welcome to our liveblog of the Europa League! We, Lennart Terminal, and Jeroen van Barneveld) will keep you up to date on the operations of PSV, Feyenoord and AZ in the Eu clubtoernooi.

  • The Europa League
  • Results:
  • PSV eindhoven-Sporting CP 3-2
  • The Rangers-Wigan 1-0
  • Will-a-Z 2-2

PSV, Sporting CP, · 36 minutes ago

Times, has praised the versatility of the PSV
Donyell Malen, has praised the versatility of the pitch after the 3-2 win at Sporting CP in the round-robin group stage of the Europa League. “In the first ten minutes were not good, but after that, we were looking for and the rooms are better at the game. This is also the way in which we will be able to play it. We will be able to play football, and it’s harder to go from nothing to score. This is also a strength.”Will-a-Z · 41 minutes ago

Stengs, after 2-2: “in the end, very cleverly done
“The fool, in Europe. The red card was justified, but I have no doubts about the penalty. It was so easy to be given. I think that’s a shame. Then you’ll know that it’s very, very difficult,” says the AZ attacker, Calvin Stengs na Partizan-Z (2-2) at FOX Sports. “I think we are very clever to have done so. It is good that we are still in the 2-2 advantage. We have been fighting, and, fortunately, we still have an issue.”Europa League · one hour ago

Discharge from Justin Kluivert after his goal at Basaksehir. It was his fourth hit, in the service of Roma.Rangers FC-Season-four-hours-ago

Tribe: ‘We have to play is not convincing
“It was a very exciting evening. It was a match with a high intensity. At the beginning of football, we are good and we are getting opportunities,” said the Team coach, Jaap Stam, after Rangers FC-the Team at FOX Sports. “After the penalty, we take a risk, and we will have a very difficult time. They have to make a goal for which we have a lot of to be able to do it. We’re going to have to slap the club on. We will be playing is not convincing, as we do. We had to pause moments, where you could pick it up.”Europa League · one hour ago

This is the coëfficiëntenranglijst after matches in the Europa League. The netherlands climbed to the ninth place.

  1. Spain (87,712)
  2. The united kingdom (76,033)
  3. Germany (60,070)
  4. Italy (59,367)
  5. French (50,915)
  6. Russia (43,216)
  7. Portugal (42,849)
  8. Austria, belgium (34,700)
  9. In the netherlands (31,350)
  10. Ukraine (31,100)
  11. Turkey (30,600)
  12. Austria (29,725)

PSV, Sporting CP, one hour ago

Van Bommel is under the impression that the game Ihattaren
PSV-year-old Mark van Bommel is delighted by Mohamed Ihattaren. The work was in the 3-2 win at home against Sporting CP at the start of the group stage of the Europa League. “Mohamed is really. He shows it every game, but he was still only seventeen years of age. If I were him, and the rest you can have, I do,” said Van Bommel at the end. “At the end of the game we managed, however, to be under the pressure to get out of it. So We had a couple of good counter-attacking and keeping the ball in the team, so the attack faded out.”Europa League-four hours ago, theState – for example, we’re going to AZ for the round-robin group stage:

The Group L, Such As:

  1. Manchester United 1-3 (1-0)
  2. AZ 1-1 (2-2)
  3. Will be 1-to-1 (2-2)
  4. FC Astana 1-0 (0-1)

Group G:

  1. FC Porto 1-3 (2-1)
  2. Rangers FC 1-3 (1-0)
  3. BSC Young Boys 1-0 (1-2)
  4. Everton 1-0 (0-1)

Europa League · one hour ago

It is also the last on the European fields. Here are the results.

  • AS for Roma Basaksehir 4-0
  • Espanyol-Ferencvaros 1-To-1
  • AA Gent-AS Saint-Etienne 3-2
  • Ludogorets-CSKA Moscow 5-1
  • Manchester-United-FC Astana 1-0
  • Borussia Mönchengladbach-Wolfsberger AC (0 to 4
  • FC Porto-Young Boys 2-1
  • Slovan Bratislava-Liverpool 4-2
  • VfL Wolfsburg-Oleksandriya 3-1
  • Wolverhampton Wanderers-Braga 0-1

Europa League · one hour geledenJustin Kluivert’s spot-on AS Roma in the champions League. The Dutchman makes up for the 4-0 against Basaksehir.

Triplice fischio! Primi tre punti nel girone a di @EuropaLeague 🙌
⚽️ autogol Caiçara (👏Spinazzola)
⚽️ @EdDzeko
⚽️ Zaniolo
⚽️ Kluivert
#RomaIBFK 🐺 #ASRoma


AuteurAS RomaMoment of plaatsen22:52 – 19 september 2019Partizan-AZ-one hour ago

A-Z knokt to a draw in Belgrade
A-Z knokt with ten men to draw with Partizan. The Alkmaarders to stand for more than an hour at a ondertalsituatie the yellow card for Jonas Svensson, but still, a point at the meeting in Belgrade: 2-2. Stengs, open the score, and the Alkmaarder, that is, after the dismissal of Svensson at the back and the goal is to swallow it, including one from a penalty kick. Still doing it puts AZ in the ecstasy of the second half midway through the second half.Rangers FC-Season-four-hours-ago

Over! The team starts out poorly in the group stage of the Europa League. The city’s inhabitants are losing 1-0 by Rangers FC, and this is not undeserved, to name a few. Sheyi Ojo makes the middle of the first half for the only goal with a blast from a distance.

Rangers FC-Newcastle 1-0
1-0 End (25′) – Rangers FC-Season-four-hour geleden90+3 in The last minute and running…Will-a-Z-four-hour geleden90′ minimal additional time, in Belgrade, at only three minutes long. This is an advantage for the right.Rangers FC-Season-four-hour geleden90 ” we still have three minutes, to the city of Glasgow.Rangers FC-Season-four-hour geleden90 ” The free kick by Jens Toornstra and ends up in the hands of the goalkeeper’s Activities.Rangers FC-Season-four-hour geleden89, ” There is going to be a free-kick in a good spot for the Team. The 1-to-1 yet?Rangers FC-Season-four-hour geleden86′ we’re going to come through on the left-hand side, but, as Luciano Narsingh moves the ball against the outstretched arms of goalkeeper McGregor, on.Will-a-Z-four-hour geleden85 ” that’s what almost pushed to the right. Ron Vlaar hit the ball completely wrong, and if he wants to clean it up and launches it as Markovic, who is the target of the Bizot lobt.Will-a-Z-four-hour geleden84 Trainer Time Slot will be the one on the line, to withdraw, as he does, Calvin Stengs at the end. Rajiv van la parra will come of it.Will-a-Z-four-hour geleden83′ Soumah has the 3-2 on the shoe Will be, but he pushes ‘m right next to it.Rangers FC-Season-four-hour geleden82’ It, look what’s on in Glasgow. Rangers FC-the 1-0-a lead of very good, and it is charging, and not very threatening. We’re going to try to do it well, but it has succeeded for the moment in the second half and really have to work to get it.Will-a-Z-four minutes ago

As for the discharge, in a-Z will look like in the 2-2 Myron still doing it.Will-a-Z-four-hour geleden78′ Will besieges the defense of the AZ’s, but the Cheese wall is like a house. The team trainer, He Finally had something secretly to destroy it in the game?Will-a-Z-four-hour geledenMyron still doing it, shoot themselves in the history books.

👦 – Myron still doing it 18 years, it is the 1 second-youngest player to score a goal for AZ in a European tournament, and after Adam Maher (17) in the year 2010. #paraz #UEL


AuteurGracenoteNetherlandsMoment of plaatsen22:32 am – september 19, 2019Rangers FC-Season-four-hour geleden76 Still a quarter of an hour left on the clock, in the city of Glasgow. There is a point for the Team, or the team of Jaap Stam can do.Will-a-Z-four-hour geleden73, ” It is the women and children are the first in the a-Z after the 2-2 Myron still doing it. The Alkmaarders look as if they are ten people have to deal with a point from Belgrade.Rangers FC-Liverpool · 2-hour geleden70′ Kopkans for Arfield, but the midfielder from Rangers will get the ball for the purpose of: about it.Rangers FC-Liverpool · 2-hour geleden68 ” A little less spectacular, the stage, in the city of Glasgow. The team is looking for openings through the second half, but it has failed to really get into the opportunities to come.Will be-Z · 2 hours ago there isa 66′ GOAL in AZ! 2-2

What is the discharge from a-Z! Calvin Stengs put Myron still doing a fine would have landed, only for the goal keeper and the striker slides the ball under the goalkeeper Will be. A-Z with up to ten men at the same level in design and technology.Will-a-Z · a 2-hour geleden65′ a-Z has a little more of the milk, and to crumble and it seems like the damage would be limited in design and technology. Will he be on the thanks to the Alkmaarders, but only 2-1.Will be-Z · 2 hours ago –61′ GOAL Will be! 2-1

AZ with less than a quarter of an hour up in the second half. The efforts of Sadiq ends up on the post, the rebound has been re-Bibras Natcho accurate.Rangers FC-Liverpool · 2 hours ago

We are being played in Glasgow. Rangers FC is leading with 1-0 against the Team. The Locals are better at the game, but the home team continues and is very dangerous.Will be-Z · 2 hours ago

A-Z is the second half, and a whole lot more threatening than it is in the stage after the red card of Jonas Svensson in the first act. Only is striker Myron still doing it still a bit too sharp for the game, and he’s already a two time and rightly flagged by the linesman.Rangers FC-Liverpool · 2-hour geleden52, ” Now, let the mountain house are having a hard shoot, but the keeper’s Activities at this time is extremely helpful. The team is after the break, in any case, better than the rest.The Europa League is · 2 hours ago –50′ GOAL to Ludogorets! 2-1

Jody Lukoki put Ludogorets in voorspong against CSKA Moscow. The Dutch attacker is on tap from a fine cross from the left.Will-a-Z · a 2-hour geleden49′ What a great opportunity for Partizan. Calvin Stengs, put pressure on the defense Will be, as that is completely unreasonable, and, therefore, play Will be with a man for every defender of the a-Z of. Asano ends up, however, the goalkeeper Bizot.Rangers FC-Liverpool · 2-hour geleden47′ Great chance for Everton! The captain Botteghin is running free at a corner and head it in, but hits the ball well.Will be-Z · 2 hours ago theKick-off! Will be bringing in the second-half in the movement. Will-Z is on the way.Rangers FC-Liverpool · 2 hours ago –46′ We’re playing football again.” May be we’re going to have something to do with this 1-0-deprivation in Glasgow?Will be-Z · 2 hours ago

Calvin Stengs, having scored for AZ, but that’s how disappointing it is dominated by the talented attacker after the red card for Jonas Svensson and the 1-to-1 Will be a free kick.PSV, Sporting CP, · 2 hours ago

“It was sloppy, but we got the three points at home as possible. It’s nice to win on the poll to begin with. For me, it was a very busy night with a lot of difficult balls,” said Jeroen Zoet, after the expiration of a PSV, Sporting CP (3-2).The Europa League is · 2 hours ago

It’s been too quiet on the European fields. This will be the score.

  • AS for Roma Basaksehir 1-0
  • Espanyol-Ferencvaros 0-1
  • AA Gent-AS Saint-Etienne 2-1
  • Ludogorets-CSKA Moscow 0-1
  • Manchester United FC Ended 0-0
  • Borussia Mönchengladbach-Wolfsberger AC – 0 to 3
  • FC Porto-Young Boys 2-1
  • Slovan Bratislava-Liverpool 1-2
  • VfL Wolfsburg-Oleksandriya 2-0
  • Wolverhampton Wanderers-Braga 0-0

Will be-Z · 2 hours ago

🔴 – Jonas Svensson is the 1st player in AZ that is red in one of the European dueling ever since Guus Hupperts was sent on the 17th of september 2015 in the Europa League, but for an extra charge. Will be (3-2 uitnederlaag). #paraz #UEL


AuteurGracenoteNetherlandsMoment of plaatsen21:38 pm – september 19, 2019Partizan-Z · 2 hours ago

Peace of mind! After a fast start, the alarm type, one for the a-Z in design and technology. Calvin Stengs to open the score for the Alkmaarders, which is a result of the unnecessary yellow card for Jonas Svensson, a lot of the backwards to. At the end of the day will Will be started from rest with a cheap penalty, which can seamlessly be used by the Natscho: 1-to-1.Rangers FC-Liverpool · 2 hours ago

It’s peace of mind! We’re going to overrun the game, and is earned at a disadvantage. Ojo was the only one hit, but it is the 1-0-position is a mere reflection of all of the opportunities that the Divisions can be met. It will be after the break, are really need in the End.Rangers FC-Liverpool · 2-hour geledenFeyenoord it is still a knock from the outside to the sixteen feet, as it turns out.

6 – Six of the last ten goals conceded by the Club in all competitions came-from-outside-the-box. Of the glove compartment.


AuteurOptaJohanMoment of plaatsen21:45 pm – september 19, 2019Partizan-Z · 2 hours ago –42′ GOAL Will be! 1-to-1

Bibras Natcho sends the goalkeeper Marco Bizot in the other corner, and takes Will be at the same level with the right.Rangers FC-Liverpool · 2-hour geleden41′ Oh, Oh, oh, oh, we’re going to! What a great opportunity for the Rangers at 2-0. Tapia gives the ball to, as in Morelos, but the striker shoots the ball over Eric Botteghin and the pillar next to the target.Will-a-Z · a 2-hour geleden41′ Penalty for Partizan! Stijn Wuytens fights with Sadiq, and that the striker Will be going to be like a dying swan to the ground. The referee Guida is fooled by it.Back to top

Image: A Pro-Shots


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