A new set of Monacovrouwen as of today, FIVE of

5f35ef325c719cffb186f6ade83e6960 - A new set of Monacovrouwen as of today, FIVE of

The fall of FIVE on Friday the 20th of september, a strengthening of the new high-profile series of Monacovrouwen. Monacovrouwen follows four eccentric women of the Low Countries, inruilden a luxeleven in style, complete with the decadent indulgence, big dreams, small, uncertainty, and a lot of money. Anne-Françoise, Atoessa, Sylvie, and Winny are all beautiful, rich, and women are living the good life, but they also have their own pain to the story:

The picture-perfect life Anne-Françoise (originally from Antwerp, took a drastic turn when she lost her husband in an accident. She took the company to fully and successfully in the raising of her three sons, combined with the continued expansion of the business. In the meantime, they are in the business carried on hands. On the other hand, is a free-spirited adventurer. She has seen it all and been and was in a great state in the way of her ultimate dream is to be an exotic destination to achieve this. With her bright yellow Porsche Carrera and a well-filled wardrobe, she is an icon in the Monte Carlo.

The elegant business woman, Atoessa and is from Deerlijk, and it has Islamic roots. Together with her husband, Max, are the exclusive catering services to private jets and the great men of the earth, such as movie stars and presidents. They have become a reference in the culinary world in private jets. Atoessa, and Max’s life, and the lives of the rich & famous, and had in the meantime become a first daughter: Lily-Rose. In the care of Lily-Rose,, it is very difficult to combine with work, but fortunately, you can count on a wide range of staff.