We’re going to season in the Europa League, AZ-on the edge

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We’re going to season in the Europa League, AZ-on the edge

19 september 2019, 18:28
19-09-19 at 18:28
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In the Europa League will be Thursday night in the first of the group stage matches will be played. PSV eindhoven won 3-2 to Sporting CP, Liverpool is at 21: 00 hours began the uitduel with Rangers FC and AZ at the same time, the potential at Partizan Belgrade. Follow the matches, in our liveblog.

Good evening and welcome to our liveblog of the Europa League! We, Lennart Terminal, and Jeroen van Barneveld) will keep you up to date on the operations of PSV, Feyenoord and AZ in the Eu clubtoernooi.

  • The Europa League
  • LIVE:
  • The Rangers-Wigan 1-0
  • Will-a-Z 1-to-1
  • Results:
  • PSV eindhoven-Sporting CP 3-2

Will be-Z · 2 minutes ago –42′ GOAL Will be! 1-to-1

Bibras Natcho sends the goalkeeper Marco Bizot in the other corner, and takes Will be at the same level with the right.Rangers FC-the Club · 2-minute geleden41′ Oh, Oh, oh, oh, we’re going to! What a great opportunity for the Rangers at 2-0. Tapia gives the ball to, as in Morelos, but the striker shoots the ball over Eric Botteghin and the pillar next to the target.Will-a-Z · the 3-minute geleden41′ Penalty for Partizan! Stijn Wuytens fights with Sadiq, and that the striker Will be going to be like a dying swan to the ground. The referee Guida is fooled by it.Rangers FC-the Team · a 6-minute geleden36 ” It has been a while, but this is an opportunity for the Team. A free-kick to cut hard and low to the Scottish goal, but may be due to one of the city’s inhabitants to touch.Will-a-Z · a 7-minute geleden37, ” A real-life opportunity to Asano. The striker Will be selling from close to the goal of Marco Bizot. Here it is, a-Z, be warned.Will-a-Z · 7 hours ago

So does Jonas Svensson after his red card against Partizan. AZ must be more than an hour with ten men continued to.Will-a-Z · 10-minute geleden34 ” After the red card for Jonas Svensson digs a-Z is necessarily on the side. The Alkmaarders to lean fully on the counter, which is not so much of a disadvantage it is, the quicker Myron still doing it, and Calvin Stengs, as puntspelers in the line-up.Rangers FC-we’re going to 10 minutes geleden33′ we’re going to escape in to a 2-0 gap. Goalkeeper Vermeer has a clever answer to wager on the Rangers-shortstop Alfredo Morelos.Rangers FC-the Team · 13 hours ago

This is a penalty by James Tavernier went to the bar, but Sheyi Ojo is Rangers FC after half an hour of having it on a lead. The team will have a different approach to a disturbance, because the People there are not really taken into account.Will-a-Z · a 13-minute geleden31 Trainer He Finally grabs hold immediately after the red card for Jonas Svensson. The attacker Oussama Idrissi has been done, and gives the popsicle stick to the back Yukinari Sugawara.Rangers FC-the Club · is a 16-minute geledenDe hits of the End of at the Club, it is also a jubileumdoelpunt for the Scottish club.

5️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ – the Rangers are the second Scottish club to score 500 goals in the European competition, after Spain. #RangersFC #ranfey


AuteurGracenote LiveMoment of plaatsen21:may 28 – september 19, 2019Partizan-Z · is a 17-minute geleden27′ Red a-Z! Jonas Svensson of late, his team is down by one from 0 to 1-gap. The right back pulls on the emergency brake, when Zoran Tosic only to goalkeeper Marco Bizot to go off. Go get a red from the referee Guida.Rangers FC-the Club · 20 minutes ago –23′ GOAL, the Rangers FC! 1-0

This match was hung for a while in the air. Rick Karsdorp will lose a crucial to a duel, and Sheyi Ojo to shoot with a feet or two of hard touch on the ball. Kenneth Vermeer in the amount of more times.Rangers FC-the Club · 22 hours ago

The team has a preliminary one, however, the formation of a Steven Gerrard forget to reward themselves with a goal. We’re going to have to get some…Will-a-Z · 23 hours ago

The golden aanvalstrio a-Z, of course, is the basis for the opening goal of the Alkmaarders in design and technology. Could Oussama Idrissi put striker Myron still doing it the way, that is, in turn, a free-standing right-winger Calvin Stengs were found.Rangers FC-Season · in 24 minutes, geleden19′ Post! That is where we’re going to once again be very good. Scott Arfield runs are free, and crack the ball into the box to the left on the inside of the post.Will-a-Z · the 26-minute geledenEen goal with a bone-edge-of-Calvin Stengs.

💯 – Z, the 4th, the Dutch club, of 100 away goals in the European competitions, after Ajax, PSV and Feyenoord. #paraz #UEL


AuteurGracenoteNetherlandsMoment of plaatsen21:16 – 19 september 2019Rangers IN the Team · a 26-minute geledenGelukkig for Karsdorp was the penalty of Rangers FC is in the post!

Not a smart move Karsdorp. It makes the ROMAN gesture of good will towards the smiling referee Lahoz. One problem: it’s in the Europa League, but not for VAR. #ranfey


AuteurJeroen BijmaMoment of plaatsen21:17 – 19 september, 2019Partizan-Z · 28 minutes ago

After a surprising start, Will take AZ, the initiative in design and technology. And you can immediately go to the Alkmaarders, with the best players in the club, Calvin Stengs.Rangers FC-the Club · is a 28-minute geledenComplimenten of the Features pointed to pay tribute to the former footballer.

Beautiful farewell to Fernando Ricksen. What, they can do so well in The Uk, 🙌🏻👏🏻👌🏻


AuteurKlaas Jan HuntelaarMoment of plaatsen21:16 – 19 september 2019Rangers IN the Club · up to 29 minutes geleden15′ It’s still 0-0, but we’re going to have a difficult time in the opening stages. Rangers FC is bright, and creates the necessary risk.Will-a-Z · 32 minutes ago there isa 12′ GOAL, a-Z! From 0 to 1

What is a wereldoelpunt on the right. Thus, we can detect the Alkmaarders, with their vivid threatening. Oussama Idrissi, cross Myron still doing it after a nice counter, and the striker will retain the overview for the incoming new Calvin Stengs-to-use. The right-winger makes no mistake, for an empty purpose.Rangers FC-Liverpool · 33 minutes ago –10 min-Rangers FC missing a penalty!

James Tavernier fail, from eleven yards. The captain hits it with the outside of the post, and thus escape Season: 0-0.Will-a-Z · a 34-minute geleden10 Again, please let Zoran Tosic came up. From a distance of twenty-aiming with the left over.Rangers FC-the Team · 34 minutes ago,6′ Penalty for Rangers FC!

This is a disappointment for the Team. Edgar Ié will have the ball in his arms, and then place the ball on the spot.Rangers FC-the Team · a 36-minute geleden7 Now it’s Sam Larsson is dangerous. Than anticipated to slip by goalkeeper Allan McGregor, but they won’t, then, in the zijnet.Rangers FC-the Team · the 37-minute geledenOok the fans in the stadium of the Rangers FC are still in the Fernando Ricksen.



Author❤the Time of plaatsen21:07 am – september 19, 2019Partizan-Z · 37 minutes geleden6′ What a great opportunity for Myron still doing it. He Wijndal place of the striker, only for the goalkeeper, and slide the m over the leg of a player Will be right next to it.Will-a-Z · a 38-minute geleden6′ Partizan Belgrade comes to us from the ground, and calls for a-Z as far back as possible on its own half of it. Asano know is not a gap in the Dutch wall and to force the issue.Rangers FC-the Team · a 39-minute geleden5, ” The first one is for Steven Berghuis. His effort is blocked and it gives the Club and the corner.Rangers FC-the Team · a 40-minute geleden2′, Fernando Ricksen, played with the number 2 in the game, and thus, in the second minute to a standing ovation to the death of ex-football player. Have a lovely time in Glasgow!Will-a-Z · 40-minute geleden3′ Zoran Tosic will get a live chances on the opening goal for Partizan Belgrade. As the attacker cuts the ball to Igor Vujacic to do with the article.Will-a-Z · a 42-minute geledenAZ are traveling to a hot place in the Europa League.

🏟 ️ The 7 European races of the a-Z of this season took place in the
1. AFAS Stadion
2. Bravida’s Arena
3. Chornomorets Stadium,
4. Cars, Jeans, Stage,
5. De Grolsch Veste
6. The King Baudouin Stadium
7. Stadion Partizana
#paraz #UEL


AuteurGracenoteNetherlandsMoment of plaatsen21:01 am – september 19, 2019Rangers IN the Team · a 43 minutes ago there are1, ” The ball is in Glasgow! Rangers FC-the Team is on its way…Will be-Z · 44 minutes ago, theKick-off! The ball is in Belgrade. Will-Z is on the way.Rangers FC-Season-four-hour geledenHet is quiet as a mouse while at the Ibrox Stadium. The players of Rangers FC, and the Club and the supporters to take a minute of silence for the newly deceased, the Rangers icon in the Fernando Ricksen.Will-a-Z-four-hour geledenDoelman that Marco Bizot is hot, in Belgrade. This is for AZ only hope that it is in the action have to be made.

⚽️ Goals & saves
#paraz #UEL


AuteurAZMoment of plaatsen20:43 – 19 september 2019Rangers FC-Season-four-hour geledenDe players are on the field, in the uk. We’re going to start with the game between Rangers FC and Liverpool.Europa League · one hour geledenWe to toggle fast-forward to the games of 21: 00. Our main focus will be on the Dutch club:

  • Rangers FC-the Team
  • Partizan Belgrade-a-Z

Europa League · one hour ago

Also, in the early avondwedstrijden in the sound of the final whistle. Here are the results.

FIRST-F91 Dudelange 3-4
Qarabag-Sevilla 0-3
Dinamo Kiev-Malmö FF 1-0
FC Copenhagen-FC Lugano 1-0
FC Basel-FK Krasnodar 5-0
Barcelona-Trabzonspor 1-0
LASK Linz-Rosenborg 1-0
Stade Rennes-Celtic 1-To-1
CFR 1907 Cluj-Lazio 2-1
Standard Liege-Guimaraes 2-0
Eintracht Frankfurt-Arsenal 0-3PSV, Sporting CP, one hour ago,This is the position in the group, PSV eindhoven:

Group D:

  1. PSV eindhoven 1-3 (3-2)
  2. LASK Linz 1-3 (1-0)
  3. Sporting CP, 1-0 (2-3)
  4. Rosenborg 1-0 (0-1)

PSV, Sporting CP, one hour ago

Over! PSV off to a good start in the group stage of the Europa League. The crew of Mark van Bommel to win with 3-2 to Sporting CP, and it works right away with three points.

PSV eindhoven-Sporting CP 3-2
1-0 Times, (19′)
2-0 Coates (e).d./25′)
2-1 Fernandes (38′)
3-1 Baumgartl (48′)
3-2 Mendes (82′)Rangers FC-we’re going to o a day ago

Also, Michael Mols, a former player of both Glasgow Rangers and if we’re going to are available in to Scotland.PSV, Sporting CP, one-hour geleden90+3, ” The time is ticking in the favor of the DAME. Sporting CP is not a dangerous to have been in the hunt at 3-3.PSV, Sporting CP, one-hour geleden90+1′ for Doan, there was almost 4-2, but the goalkeeper Ribeiro will be the commitment of the Japanese people.PSV, Sporting CP, one-hour geleden90 ” we have five minutes to full. PSV is leading with a 3-2 against Sporting CP!Eintracht Frankfurt Scored one from a hour ago, it‘s 88’ GOAL to Arsenal! 0 to 3

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang does have a role to play in the pocket Area. Only for the net Trap comes in, the striker’s audacious touch.Will-a-Z-four minutes ago

The third encounter is between a-Z and it Will be
A-Z came to Partizan Belgrade, in two previous occasions in the European context, in the group stage of the Europa League in the season 2015/2016. The Alkmaarders had to be two of the more recognized in the province’s opponent. On the 17th of september 2015, it was 3-2 in Belgrade, two months later, victory Will be at 1-2 in Alkmaar, the netherlands.PSV, Sporting CP, one-hour geleden88′ for the time being, especially the BACKLINE with the ball, but the Locals have it, the points are still not in. A couple of minutes on the clock.Back to top

Image: A Pro-Shots


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