Patrick and the Ghost Crab in Chicago

c78c4be0e0a1436541918240dfe8de23 - Patrick and the Ghost Crab in Chicago

Two Flemish films have been selected for the Chicago International Film Festival, The Patrick of Tim, Mielants, and the Ghost Crab by Bas Devos. Earlier this week, the festival is also well-known that the President of the Bilsens and the MOTHER has been selected for the international documentary competition.

Patrick is the feature film debut of Tim, Mielants, who, in the past few years of doing as a director of the international topreeksen as Legion (“FX”), The Terror (AMC) and Peaky Blinders (BBC). Patrick did, in a world premiere at the International film Festival in Karlovy Vary, where he was awarded the Prize for Best Director. In the us, the film, and since the 28th of August, in the meeting rooms.