Lien Van de Kelder has to be a big problem

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That the actress is Lien Van de Kelder is still the (more or less) Christmas time in Bangkok, living, could not have already been for us to read. The actress is living currently with her family and is working on it for five hours a day, for an office in Mechelen, belgium. Him in Bangkok for a work permit applied for, and received.
This was in addition to a number of documents as well as a picture to submit, which did not, however, meet the requirements. “All evidence all of a sudden I have other clothes on than when the picture was taken.. you know, it had to be in formal clothing, so we will have a costume gefotoshopt.. that’s what we do here ok,” laughs the actress. But it is an official document, if you have a very, very, very, under penalty of error: the date of birth of Him On the day of 30 October, 1982 – this is a sudden change in the October 30, 2525, which is something the actress is happy to be able to laugh.