Fabrizio focuses on Pommeline: “I am so sorry, so sorry… honest’

Fabrizio focuses on Pommeline: "I am so sorry, so sorry... honest'

For Fabrizio, Tzinardis his participation in Temptation Island VIP’s will have a bitter after-taste. A few months ago, he and his ex-girlfriend, Pommeline very, very, very, very hurt, and that he will realize more and more every day, and much more. Temptation Island’s VIPS, it was to Pommeline, and Fabrizio is the ultimate relatietest, a test which is not really good, it’s over. In the meantime, it is Temptation Island for VIP’s in our tv shows, in the Netherlands, however, all of it.

Fabrizio focused on Thursday, in an emotional mail to his ex-girlfriend, Pommeline.”Dear Pommeline… it’s funny, I was with a big mouth, suddenly not sure where to start. Even if you believe the rest of the Netherlands and Belgium, it is not. I’m so sorry, so very, very… earnest. My mistakes are not easy to talk to, I know that. A head of lettuce in one’s throat, at the meeting of the last camp fire,” writes Fabrizio on Instagram. And, immediately, the flashes, the images of the period, and that it was good, it was time for the Pommeline, and him by the top of his head. “How lucky we were. What a time for that. I will have the memories to carry them and they cherish it. I didn’t you.. but it proved to be. Still not” aware of Fabrizio.