With the comeback of Kim Clijsters in Q2

d62afd5d2d0f457223cbc6c067292724 - With the comeback of Kim Clijsters in Q2

Kim Clijsters was dominating last week on Thursday the news was the outstanding message that they will be in 2020-making a comeback in the tennis world. Can she succeed in her intention to get back to the top of the tennis world to belong to? And what’s really behind her, a second come-back? Telefacts, brings, tomorrow, Wednesday, september 18th, is a special variety of people to have their say, that Before, during her previous career to a close has been followed. The Telefacts-special Kimback, ” will be broadcast at 21.10 in the case of Q2, after the Europa League match between Club Brugge.

Telefacts made to speak to Jim Curley, the former tournament director of the US Open this year. He is now retired, but the experienced Kim’s very good at her’s peak. “It will be a tough challenge, but I think that it may be able to return to my previous level of play. I don’t know if she’s doing it for the money. The main reason for her return is her competitiveness. She still has that drive in her was so well-made.”