The result set again for The pleasant stay

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This year, the result of his shoulders to The Middle of the Week. After a lot of hot editions, the result Koekenbak is the result this year was a little bit more hot action, the result is Again Illuminated.
Maarten Janssen and network manager the result: “over The past few years, we have a huge, motivated, and warm classes, as is seen in the region. We would like to this year, we need a broader and more Ketnetters, classes, youth organizations,… involved in The Middle of the Week. We hope, therefore, that we have a lot of Ketnetters welcome to our Teen Lit, Re-group.”

The result raises the children in the whole of Flanders, in order to join in on the action for The pleasant stay and to help their chosen charity. It is The Hottest Week to make they are part of the result is Burning Weather team. Ketnetters be able to do this again to bake cookies with their class, but also by helping them to be the Hottest Week of action on the part of their club, together with family and/or friends, to bracelets, to crafts, to sell or to make a opruimactie of their favorite a natural association. And in this year, they may have the help of Teen heroes, or the actors. The Teen-faces of the children, not only to support, but it will also be their to lend a hand.