Star chef Jacob Jan Boerma will be the first Dutch njam!-chef

b102b8bc2d910bbe13767c8a3674c320 - Star chef Jacob Jan Boerma will be the first Dutch njam!-chef

very comfortable also announced on Tuesday that the Dutch chef Jacob Jan Boerma, from michelin-starred restaurants – ‘The Last’, and ‘The White Room’ on the board for the culinary station, as one of the njam!-york.
Njam! like, just as it is in Flanders, and their culinary platform, like a map, with a high level of expertise and passion, and the elect, therefore, for Jacob, Jan, Dutch njam!-chef. Njam! and he is the Dec are completely on the same wavelength and have the same values in high regard. Both of them want it in the first place, it’s culinary expertise, at a reasonable level in the living room by looking out of the Netherlands and Flanders, and catch up.

Jacob-Jan-Boerma: “I have been following for years, what is in food and cooking is done, and njam! it was me, so it’s definitely been well-known. The manner in which they are chefs, and gastronomy, to know, to get into the living-room, which I think is fantastic, and I am all the way back. For me, it’s a great honor to be one of the first chefs to this platform from any place in the Netherlands.

Jacob, joe and the channel njam! at the moment, still in its brainstorming phase to develop the ideal programmaformat to come. What has been clear is that the programme will be launched in the spring of 2020.