S Media is happy with the numbers

0550f031ebf4ef720e8576e8542d4a0f - S Media is happy with the numbers

The nieuwsmerken of a BATCH of Media to strengthen their position in the digital business growth. This is confirmed by the new data from the CIM Persstudie, who on Tuesday announced his. The growth is primarily due to the continuing digital focus of the nieuwsmerken of the S of Media.

The News continues to be the undisputed number 1. A range of 2.245.000 readership far surpasses the news brand (newspaper, electronic version, web site, and you have your own record (+11%) and continues to APPROVE the most important Belgian news brand. The Morning grow (+13%) and reach (newspaper, digital version website and app every day from 449.000 to readers. Krantenmagazine NINA is growing into a weekly 615.000 viewers, and DM Magazine will reach to 200,000 readers.

“The magazines are from the BATCH of Media to reach as much as half of the population”, says the press release. S is very happy with the growth rate of 6%. The showbizzmagazines (dag allemaal, Story, TV Family, and Floor-to-LEAF) are very good for the 1.659.000 readers. Each room has the largest proportion of people with 1.065.000, readers, and the larger magazine of the uk. Festival place is a nice increase of 10% to put down, which is good for 604.000 readers. The content is Good Feeling/Vitaya will retain its strong position in 544.000-readers.