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These are the guests Today on Wednesday, september 18:

The actions of a sick baby’s Movements have achieved its objective. The money raised will go to an extremely expensive medication that is the life of the Pia may be able to improve it. What would her life look like, if the treatment is working? In the us, at the table, the 28-year-old Linda, Hubrechts, she has been all her life, with the life-threatening muscular disorder, SMA type 2. Also, Nick Decrock, dad, the thirteen year old SMA type 2 patient and True witness to the life of a child born with a life-threatening disease.

This week, will appear in the fourth novel, Griet op de Beeck, ‘mark my words’. It is the second book in a trilogy which leads to break through. Her books are not autobiographical, but it’s disgusting, personally. Girl says come to the table with all the information.