Fajah Lourens is no longer there

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Fajah Lourens is no longer there

18th september, 2019 20:53
18-09-19 at 20:53
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Fajah Lourens has released a new kind of relationship. This confirms that the actress and the entrepreneur during the programme, Ranking The Stars. They don’t want to say who her partner is.

As part of the programme, the participating celebrities are asked to put their mother-in-law in a few words to describe it. Host Paul de Leeuw is expected that the Changes not have an answer at the ready, but the show makes people a relationship has to have it.

“I’ve been doing this for a little bit to my own feeling right now, but I’m not doing that for a long time, as if I was there, ben,” said Lourens. They have to say to me, ‘a little while’ a relationship with the province of Noord-Brabant, man. If The Leo asks what he does for work, she said she didn’t want to tell me. “Now that I have, in the interviews no longer have to pretend to be, I there am,” sighs she.