Buurtpolitie actor, was stopped in Traffic

d87e5400301d36bacb2d812f8f01d3f6 - Buurtpolitie actor, was stopped in Traffic

The Buurtpolitie can be seen in The Traffic. The actor, Eric Smith, who for 12 seasons, the staff in the VTM series is The Buurtpolitie care of by Now Alloos Police on the side of the road, placed as he was, along with his wife along the way. Eric is riding with a trailer, and the agents have agreed to an audit. If the agent is Eric in his car, will find jokes, he immediately went, “A colleague!”. Luk Alloo recognize Eric, however, is not: “how are you to know? I think you should take a look at a circus performer”.

In the third installment of Alloo by the Police, the agents will also be on-the-spot for a pile-up in the kennedy-tunnel, and keep them in a car at night time on the road, zwalpt. The driver’s explanation: “In the rain, I can, the road is not good to see.” That Is the real reason, or is there alcohol in it?

Alloo the Police, on Thursday at 21.45 on tv.