“black midi, it makes all the hype is true


"black midi, it makes all the hype is true"black midi, it makes all the hype is true

One of the most hyped bands at this year’s Uk black midi. Especially with the live reputation of this young quartet that brought rave reviews. In the Old Hall of the Melkweg, we were able to finally go and see it and hear it, or if the hype is justified.

By clicking on the song Bonkers by Dizzee Rascal turns to the band and the audience is already on the wrong track. Something that is much more likely to happen. From the first to the second is a black midi, a well-oiled machine, with a manic mix of mathrock, post-punk, noise and jazz. A lot of changes, interludes, and weirde breaks, make sure that you, as a spectator, the lesson for all of us to follow.


Even more so than on the wonderful album, Schlagenheim the band live with all the conventions, separately, and refer to many genres of music. Yes, it is true that this has all been done before. If you listen carefully you can hear many musical influences, but this band makes it, there’s something special on those influences, in a clever combination. Most likely, each of the listener as its own musical associations.

Given that black midi is still a very young band, we are already looking forward to what is yet to come. A band with such a daring play, and the technical knowledge is, we may not have otherwise considered a great promise for the future. “black midi, it makes all the hype is true.