Woman loses € 25,000 by the nepadvertentie Philippe Geubels

dad3dedb0ad47b05cdc20da45fcd2c38 - Woman loses € 25,000 by the nepadvertentie Philippe Geubels

As a woman, Mole’s been her life savings and that of her son, is gone. The wife saw this on Facebook ad, in which Philippe Geubels tells the story of how he was smart to invest and earn a lot of money. The woman was clearly not aware that this is a form of scam going. “My son and I have been to all of us, the money lost due to online fraud. All of our hard-earned money where we are 30 years old to have disappeared. We have it now, literally 0 $ to do so”, writes Ariel, on behalf of herself and her son, Bryce. The woman was close to despair. If there is no quick solution will come out the following month-quite literally, on the street. At the end of August saw the A on her timeline on Facebook, the ad also appeared. Philippe Geubels said in the ad is a quick way to get rich. The woman clicked through and filled in a form on the web site. A short time later, she received a phone call from a man who has been more talked about in the system. A decided in of 250 euros to be transferred, that it didn’t originally. During a phone call with the business, the man on the other side of the phone, the computer, A on. Without a Stop, there is something aware of it, ” wrote the man, 25, 000 euros on an Irish bank account. The man claimed that A digital signature was set up for € 250, but all of a sudden she was up to 25,000 euros, all of which she and her son were spared. The woman hopes to be a part of the money to be able to recover, but the risk appears to be small. The woman went to the police, but that would be very little they can do. According to her, the public prosecutor must intervene. The woman was now in despair, and did a crowd-funding startup in the hope that people will want to help. Unfortunately, it gave that crowd-funding in a week’s time is less than 45 euros.