What you will see on Wednesday at the Bake-Off in Flanders?

c5e218455f600f6f3bd30f3d57356f56 - What you will see on Wednesday at the Bake-Off in Flanders?

Week of the Bake Off, it’s all around the a piece of cake. On the menu, one of the eight bakers have to stand reuzenmergpijpen. As a pharmacist, Philip did not have any experience with the cake. “I’m a mergpijpmaagd. Unfortunately, my ontmaagding in de tent is done. Sometimes it will do that much.”

Work with clean hands!” warned the judge, Herman the bakery. Especially for the chaotic and eccentric, Tri-and feel responsible and accountable.

“It’s terrible!” shouts Greet for a while, they left behind damage. To make matters worse, a crack in her glass bowl with the chocolates. They are in doubt-start over again, or just quietly continue to do so, and the jury, with chocolate shards to serve?

Fortunately, there is a spectacle that lots of you can make it up. The jury is expected to be a kek lapis, this is an Indonesian cake, with colorful patterns. Not an easy task.

“it’s a fucking disaster, I am fucked, and I haven’t even started yet!” howl, Man. Baker, Trina is going to embrace it fully, and is working on her knees on the floor in a hooggegrepen of the of the layers and the patterns. “It’s not right,” sighs she. When the test is done, watch the tears.

All of the bakers are giving the best of themselves, but one of them must be in the tent and leave? And anyone who stands out and is given the title of the Best Place.

The Bake-Off in Flanders, on Wednesday, to 20u35 to FOUR years old.