The daughter of Jacques Vermeire didn’t know that her father had cancer

The daughter of Jacques Vermeire didn't know that her father had cancer

Julie Vermeire we will see shortly, the steps in the new season of Dancing With The Stars. The daughter of Jacques, has a unique relationship with her father, and is very proud of him.

Julie Vermeire shows in the Festival that they have, especially in terms of character, very much like her dad it seems – even though many people are saying that Julie’s mouth from her father’s will. Julie reveals that she is very close with her father, “father, I am very close to him. That’s pretty unique in a lot of the girls my age were rebelling against their father, and I don’t know. I can do everything to say to him, and would like to come out of it with my dad,” according to Julie Vermeire in the Festival.

For the adventurous, that in you lies, she has more of her mother, Eva Pauwels. “It was very, very excited, and I am looking for as well. My mom just loves when I dance, and we have the same taste in music,” says Julie Vermeire. Her mother, Julie has a good one: “We’ll see each other often and to a good standard. I am glad that all is well with her,” said Julie in a Broadway. Ever since the divorce of her parents, Julie’s mother’s house. She manages the household and is the champetter”, as Jacques puts it. This was Julie’s last year, and her brother, Maxime, at the parents ‘ evenings. In this way she could still talk to the teachers, who are always hard and support when it is difficult to lay down in the family, Vermeire…