Rob de Nijs has Alzheimer’s disease, and stop with the singing

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A little while ago, it came with a video that showed how to Rob de Nijs from the stage and fell off. Who is Rob de Nijs, the last period saw it, was that there was something wrong with the singer. He was shaking, was more than once on a crutch, was at times a little bit confused about it, and yet he continued to as a artist. However, there will soon be an end to it. In the Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf Rob told me on Tuesday of his retirement. In a career spanning 60 years, the curtain falls on the career of Rob de Nijs. At the hospital, was the lead singer, recently told that he has Parkinson’s and has. The 76-year-old singer has decided to put an end to his career. At the time, the singer from the stage, fell during a performance in Holland was the lead singer of the diagnosis has only just been noticed. The singer, however, is not to give up, he’s working on a new album, works on his current tour and his plans for the next year as a farewell tour to be organized. “My voice does feel good, and I would have years. But this is where it ends. And that’s a spanner in the works. I want to be in the audience, however, is the Rob de Nijs they used to be. Not a shaky guy who, well, make sense, but. Therefore, I think, for a year,” says the singer in The guardian. The full interview is in this week, by the way, in the Dutch magazine Privé.