Luc Appermont a new presenter for The pop music festival will be in 2020!

9268cac2077e862256bb4a561a6b3c29 - Luc Appermont a new presenter for The pop music festival will be in 2020!

The numerous awards and nearly a dozen Golden Eyes, “he over the years got out of televisiekijkend Flanders’ show is actually popular and cherished by Luc Appermont, it is for the general public. Luc Appermont is taking the next year and the launch of the pop music festival in Hasselt for you.

“I think it’s a great honor, that I do have. I don’t know the festival, just because I’ve been there a couple of times and made a guest appearance as Bart is on the front of the stage. What is most associated with, it is the unique atmosphere. People come together to enjoy and sing with a loud voice for the performance. As Kürt (He is), I think it’s great that you, as a result, the people by surprise. Along with all of the artists, we want to give them a unique party experience.”, according to Luc Appermont enthusiastic about it.

Kürt Rogiers, should be out next year, in default of appearance as the host of The pop music festival in Hasselt. “I had already promised to play ‘the Council of 3, ” when I found out that the dates coincided with the festival. I think it is, of course, a pity that I have to be there next year, not in may, and the anniversary edition don’t miss it, but with Luc Appermont is a more than worthy replacement ready to take it to be a year of me taking over.”

In addition, Luc Appermont as a result, are also public favorites, Bart Kaëll and Yves Segers has been added to the line-up in the Square.