Everyone in #Teampia, and Telenet, Proximus will be the winners

e8c344765fa73fc4e473482ef5714c94 - Everyone in #Teampia, and Telenet, Proximus will be the winners

Everyone TeamPia, but when it come to the Telenet network, with the message that they are a cost of 0,5 euros per sms) for text messages is enough? You can’t be next to the whole of Flanders was in a text message to send out to raise money for the kleinie Future. Two to be a text message, so it is slightly ahead. More than 300,000 people had, in the meantime, an sms is sent out, return, and the € 450,000 for the non-profit organisation, at the same time, there is also the order of eur 150 000 for service providers who are in the action are concerned. It would be in their hearts, and these expenses are not charged, but we do have something in their hands: money.
Wouldn’t it be better that each of us has a bank transfer to the account number BE05 3631 9038 5475 (BIC) Code :BBRUBEBB) of the non-profit? The following two advantages: there is no money in the hands of the two companies, slices and, you can also 5-10-20-30-50-100-1000 euro deposit.
And where are all the women and men politicians? At 1.9 million euros, for a life-saving drug that they can’t have a single cent of a refund? TeamPia show our solidarity and at the same time, it is sad to note that such action is necessary in order to make the life of a child, to save it, a new challenge for the new government? Please feel free to, and make sure to be generous, to give to the Movements in the game.