The Chateau, Meiland, on the road in FIVE

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The wonderful world of the Meilandjes associated with belgium and the Netherlands, week after week, and this is confirmed by the good grades, on Monday, the 2nd of september made it to the Meilandjes even kijkcijferkaap $ 1 million to be exceeded on SBS 6. And also, in the us, families are welcome, following on from the success of the first season, from tomorrow season 2 of the show, at FIVE years old.

In the first season of the program was to see how One of his family’s 18th-century chateau in France, ” is in the names. In 100 days, turned the dilapidated building into a residence, the name of the Chateau is more than worth it.

In the second season of bet’s One co. their French adventure continues. The castle is now finished and is running at full speed, the B&B is now even sought after, to the end of the year 2020. The thread of season 1, it was transformed, cursing, and wine, but what about in the meantime, à la Chateau?