Siska Schoeters receive people who are GAY to keep

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In the third episode of ” ask us anything, revolves around people who are GAY keep it. BDSM is a sexual experience in which giving and receiving pain, domination and submission, are the main focus. The acronym stands for bondage and discipline, dominance and submission, sadism and masochism. In the PLAY, there is a distinction between the masters (doms) and the submissives (subs). The people who have to switch between the two, decided.

In the Courage to ask, receive, Siska Schoeters seven people that to PLAY, a group in which a lot of people are curious about it. In the tv-studio of the answers to the seven open-heartedly to all of these questions. The waffle house attracts, in addition to the master of Louis and point Her to a BDSM club. By Sarina talks to the waffle house on how they PLAY has been discovered, and they will make special items for shopping in a diy store. And the waffle house will learn, through an on-line test or PLAY anything in front of her.
Dare to ask: on Tuesday, the 17th september, at 20.40 hrs on One of.

Alana (21), the Hasselt)
Alana was lost at the age of 11 been interested in the BDSM scene and in particular in the manner of dress. In the meantime, she is to be a young man in his twenties, and she likes to be both dominant, if the submissive is to be. Her need to PLAY, not necessarily hard or painful, but it is in the first place, it’s fun.

Mary-Ann, 28 years old, Antwerp).
Mary-Ann has always had an interest in BDSM in the past but due to the negative bias, it has been a long time before they get to them the way she does. “If there is such things being said, it is always in a very negative light. When I found out that the things that made me interested, I thought ‘oh, there will be something seriously wrong with me’. While, of course, that’s not true.” Whether it’s gender, or the PLAY goes on, and Mary-Ann doesn’t love the box. Thus, depending on the time, one time, to be submissive and the other dominant.

Dirk (48 years old, Antwerp).
Dirk, as a 21-year-old, GAY, discovered he had the feeling that he was coming home. In the meantime, it is SEXY and a real lifestyle for him. He’s playing to his own words, ” it is not that he is master, he is a master of the arts. Dirk puts his love of BDSM, not the way, and the PLAY-character, even with his arm tattoos.