Els de Schepper, Marcel Vanthilt put #MeToo-the incident at the

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For eleven years, Els de Schepper it at the time, has never been in the commediène it’s time to forget that Marcel Vanthilt is in the nipple is squeezed. Eleven years old, it waits for no man and time heals all wounds, but not with Els de Schepper. In The stand this past weekend, sitting on Els and Marcel get together at the event to talk about. He was sitting on a terrace in Antwerp, and they have to walk past it. There will be a greeting time, but it is Marcel Vanthilt, it may not be in the breast of Alder, the Creator of pinch. It immediately has the home team that he is very, very, very stupid has been done. But instead of apologizing, he is just sitting there. Alder walk on… incident to be forgotten? Not to do so. For many years, it continues to be done by the head of the Alder, the Creator of this game, it stiffens and does not feel it is always safe to be in the vicinity of the men. The Creator of a grip years and years ago, the chances of the occurrence of the event to be in a tv show to Marcel home team, but it had to be light-hearted, and therefore seemed to be the now that Marcel Vanthilt is not really sincere, and it was Alder, that is not permanently shut down. Now, however, as Els de Schepper, Marcel home team were recently together at the table. Marcel offered, once again, have to apologize to Alder couldn’t do anything but accept that.