Barbara Dex will open a shop

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They are dreaming of, the time has finally come: Barbara Dex will open at the end of the month, her shop in the Ldcs. Apparel Babs ” is the name of the shop is on the Martelarenstraat 70 Mol). The case will be for five days a week and from Tuesday to Saturday. “It all started in my childhood when I was a Fashion and Clothing student at the sorbonne in Turnhout, belgium. Always, I have my own boutique and would like to have it. And now, after all these years, it is my childhood dream a reality” said Barbara Dex. In its concept store can be stylish, trendy, and fashion-conscious woman’s go. In addition to great wedding dress, you can also find accessories such as jewelry, shoes, bags, gadgets,… there is something for everyone at an affordable price. And yes, Barbara, it will be as far as possible, in the case of a stand. For more information: