The new single, Dennie Damaro

1e85ee919ed3cc4be2a4833742233e2c - The new single, Dennie Damaro

Dennie Damaro has been established for more than 30 years on the stage, and has been for a long time is not an unknown quantity any more, in the Flemish showbizz. In the mid – ‘90s came up with “10 in Order To See it for the first time on screen, and also in the Netherlands, he was there, with several hit singles. That’s Dennie, next to singer, is also a candidate as a composer and lyricist, and this is something he has done it again with his new single, “just the way you are.” The Dutch producer Manfred Jongenelis was responsible for the production and made it complete. Listen to it and enjoy the smooth, sing-along, with a very positive approach!

The single “just the way you are” is from the september 16, 2019 legal to download at the iTunes store