Girl’s large winner, But to 2019

Girl's large winner, But to 2019

Saturday, september 14, was the tenth edition of The But a place in the Kursaal, Ostend, belgium. At the ceremony, in the presence of all of the nominees, with 1,300 professionals and members of all the guilds and unions, the Flemish film and televisieprijzen are presented. As of this year, and is A Best-of-TV-documentary-chosen, and it is in the Best Short film during the Gala, The But announced. Francesca Vanthielen, if the show goes on, to talk to each other.

Girl ” by Lukas Dhont that the previous year’s A for the Best Debut, won the silver this year, as many as eight out of the nine nominations, and has won the award for Best Film, Best Director, Best Screenplay (Lukas Dhont, and Angelo Tijssens), Best Actor (His Pad), Best D. O. P. (Frank van den Eeden), Best editing (Alain Dessauvage), Best original Music score (Valentin Hadjadj), and Best Production Design-Michelle Beeckman, Catherine, his mother, and Philippe Bertin).

Ruth Beeckmans, won the Ensor for Best Actress in a Film for her role in the Trio. The A for the Best Documentary Film went to where she lives, Daniel Lambo (production-Storyhouse) and one for Best Documentary – TV and the Children of the Colony, and production of Canvas). Frederike Migom could be the A Best Jeugdfilm for her debut Binti manufacture Bulletproof Cupid). The Ensor for Best Animated feature and was Ce Magnifique Gâteau! by Emma De Swaef and Marc James Roels production Lunanime).