A Stand-up comedian Arnout Van den Bossche, will play at the Lotto Arena

98ca8c3ce1c7aff8a484a4489cc1c8c9 - A Stand-up comedian Arnout Van den Bossche, will play at the Lotto Arena

Ten years ago, it won Arnout Van den Bossche, the flemish weekly Humo’s Comedy Cup. The stand-up comedian, stopped and then, with his job as a civil engineer. He was not asked for a television show and a couple of times, he proefopnames in front of the camera was he didn’t feel comfortable with, “he said recently in the weekly” at the Beginning. Television is, according to Arnout is becoming less and less important, whereas social media a more prominent role. Be spontaneously funny in front of the camera, such as the Philippe Geubels work Arnout Van den Bossche, and therefore he took it to a different use of the new media. The new media puts out, he does a lot of the time. Due to the posting of a clip from the show, he has, through various social media outlets, reportedly, a total of one and a half million people in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Arnout Van den Bossche, sells just about all the rooms, all with his sense of humor that is apparently catching on at lots of people. On the 31st of January Arnout Van den Bossche for more of a challenge and he moves on to the Lotto Arena in Antwerp for the last occurrence of ‘Burn-out ‘ for beginners’. One day, he will do it again at the same location, but on a non-recurring recovery of a ‘Relationship Whisperer’.

Between the 25th of september, 2019 18 april 2020 and has toured Arnout Van den Bossche, the Netherlands. Also, there have been a number of shows with him and are completely sold out.