The farmer seeks Wife, The World begins again

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This spring, it introduced the VTM is one tough woman and,, four adventurous, single, farming. They are living in the most remote parts of the world, and they have a very special life. But they all are missing one very important thing: that is, one partner is to put their happiness to complete. And that’s where a man is already happy to be back in Belgium. Joey, Victor, Stephen, and Gerard Etienne, are to be warmly welcomed by family, friends, Dina Tersago, and An Lemmens.

It appears that the parents of Stephen, his life in the Playmobil and have been reconstructed, and they will talk about were already ahead of them: they have, after all, a prospective girlfriend, and the kids in the scene that is to be processed. But no pressure, Stephen.

The farmers have no idea of what to expect, and so they get some tips from john and She are from the previous season. After that, they dive into the letters and packages that they are entitled to make the first difficult choice to make. And some of them have even been on a speed date.

Dina Tersago: “Love is a funny little creature, “I said, at a certain time for a farmer to Gerard, and he said,” and the women are strange creatures. When I gave him a big hug, and told him that all the best is not too bad. We were able to have a good laugh at it. That is, the Farmer seeks a Wife. With a smile and a tear. A rollercoaster of emotions. Women of all ages, and among all age groups. Together with our member dairy farmers, and Marianne, we will go in search of it, via a winding and unpredictable path. Where does a Farmer seeks Wife with us this year? Around the World, of course… and get a little closer to love, hopefully. But the love has to be mutual, and, therefore, we never have anything in your hand. Curious to know how the Farmer seeks a Woman for adventure have expired? By appointment, from Monday the 16th of september!”

An Lemmens adds: “This season, it is very clear that it is a heart, not a set of rules that can be applied both to the farmer as to their elect and are at risk should you dare to take it to the other address. Gently, fluttering butterflies in the stomach, but also of doubt and rejection, and a lot of love are the recipe for this new series, the Farmer seeks a Woman of The World.”

40 years old
The Husky guide will be in Finland

Marianne (40) loves to play with dogs and love the cold and snow. Since 2007, she combines these two passions in one’s life as a husky guide from Muonio is a small town in the North of Italy. Because there are more reindeer than the great men she hopes that the program will be looking for a Flemish man and the atmosphere.
Marianne has her dream job, found it on a husky farm. Her family consists of the 56 dogs that they are, piece by piece, by name , in which she takes care of, trains, and in which they are walking makes. She is a super sporty, traveller, who likes to enjoy the unspoiled nature and the great outdoors. “The nature and the cleanest air in the world, and that’s what got me here. I’m still speechless. However, I don’t miss out on the beautiful moments that you can share with a man. It’s just better as a couple. My droomman is a person who is strong both physically and in terms of character. A viking with a peperkoeken the heart.”

The 25-year
Akkerbouwer in Bulgaria