Stijn Coninx: “I should be lucky’

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Earlier this year it became known that the film director Stijn Coninx due to the cancer-affected. Last week he made his return to the public during the film Festival in Ostend, belgium. He has a zaterdagavnd will also be a guest for the But. Saturday morning, talked to Kim Debrie, with the director of the film, in its new Radio 2 programme. The director looked back to see a hell of a period of the past few months have been. “At the same time, this is what I experienced and what thousands and thousands, or even millions, of people find. Unfortunately, and at the same time, I have to be very lucky to speak with. I’ve got a massive, rapid and effective intervention in the hospital setting. I am, after major surgery, with fast recovery, and as an exception, I also have a lot of luck and that makes me happy is that a small percentage of it was taking something, but that evil was still a good ending” beams Coninx. “I’m a very happy person in the first place. I, too, am very happy for my wife and children. There is now a hope and a future, and for that I am very, very good. This is, of course, is much more important than the images that I have on tonight, would be able to win the race, but that doesn’t mean that I’m not in the mood for it tonight, instead.”