New book: the Thirty, the tale of Peter

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Peter was the spitting image of his twin brother, Robin, but their personalities could not be more different. Robin’s dare to plunge into the new adventures, make a deposit, and while Peter was previously a dreamer is one. When the brothers are on the side of going to Antwerp, it is Robin who is his brother, meesleurt, against the wishes of their parents.

On the side of learning, new friends and getting to know those who she loves, and sorrows to share. Tin is a bright lady, who would not hesitate to go straight to her thought of what to say. Bart loves to party and have fun but when his friends need him, he’s done. The shy Nora is afraid, sometimes, unexpectedly, the “grounds” of decision. Alex may, Peter when he was once again caught in his own thoughts. And then there is Saartje, for whom Peter at first what to be afraid of, but it’s always encouraging to come out of his shell to get him to come out.

The relationships between the friends are getting closer all the time. However, the relationship between the twin brothers to crack, when Peter feels like that the Robin has his sights set on the girl, who he falls in love with.