Herman Verbruggen is in a panic to capture the FC in The Champions

59486e658e90fb204438f4d7f1a900b6 - Herman Verbruggen is in a panic to capture the FC in The Champions

In The Family’s Van Elsen’ on the radio, Joe will receive, Ann Van Elsen elke on Saturday morning, a well-known Flemish person, along with one of his or her children. This week, that was Herman Verbruggen, who, along with his eldest daughter, Rose, came by. Herman Verbruggen know, we are, as Marc Vertongen from the Fc to The Champions. That is as a klungelaar, which is well known. The difference is with the Herman’s could not be greater, and the actor is a handy, Harry! However, during one of the outdoors for the Fc De Kampioenen did it once, and thoroughly wrong. “The Champions, we wanted to make a stuntje to do. However, it remains in Flanders, we are, of course, Hollywood is not,” says the actor of the land. When recording in the Ardennes, and was afraid of the actor in his life. “At a certain moment in time, we were on a kayak trip, a eskimorol to do. That is to say, the two-vastgesnoerd sitting in the kayak to prevent water from coming in. Doortje (to Ann Tuts) at the front, and I behind. The idea was that the kayak over on its axis and went through the water, and the kayak had to be in a circle. That is, we could not; so there were two experienced kayakers who have done for us. The only thing that is Doortje, and Marc had to do was turn it on. She is said to have been Herman’s, to make sure that you don’t omkantelt, it’s the starter’. So, I’ll do that, that kayak’s is all about”. Doortje and I was hanging upside down in the water and the kayak is starting to float, and there was no one in the neighborhood to get to the kayak to stop it. Ann got in one way or the other on the loose, and they had a system. I didn’t know what kind of system it was, and went there is, therefore, also does not matter. I just hung up with a huge state of panic all the time in the boat, of course, but I couldn’t get my breath. You’re thinking, ‘what if you can’t, it’s done.”
I was happy to have experienced kayakers on the way to the car, and they saw the water in a kayak, and they are Herman out of his tricky situation is to go free. “But by the same token, is that really so, this was really the end. It was not immediately conducive to the relationship I have with the water. You need to me is not going to push it into a pool, that’s all.”