Christoff slept with Yves Segers

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Christoff was 15 and 16 years old, when he was out of the closet came out, right in front of his parents. “Mom said it like this: “if you might be, boys?” and I said ” yes”. The singer has ever had a crush on Several of Seger. “Who, then, is there a way to Ten To watch. We’ll have to talk to the hit He gave me, when at home, turned off. I know, it was very, very foggy. I said, ” I’m sorry, but you are not driving home. That doesn’t work. I said, ” you know what? I put just a mattress next to my bed. Stay here, sleep in and depart in the morning. Yes, we have kissed each other, and thus, gives Christoff red kaakjes to. However, there is nothing to become, with Several of them, but all with Christoff in itself. “The thing was, I had just come out of the closet, and so much to explore. If the later happened, it was really something to become,” said Christoff, this week, in the Jones-Late-Night.