FIVE is now, the temptation to continue with a double serving of Temptation Island for VIP’s

241592c7d7ca9565782dead80f6f3efc - FIVE is now, the temptation to continue with a double serving of Temptation Island for VIP's

In the spring, and by 2020, it is coming with FIVE new season of the regular Band on the Island, but that was no problem for the impatient: tomorrow – Friday 13th september, bringing the FIVE to 20.35 immediately dubbelaflevering of the Netherlands as a VIP version. In the dramatic season one of Temptation Island VIP’s are going to Fabrizio and Pommeline the ultimate relatietest in the kingdom of Thailand. Greek-tattoo-artist-and-his – former – blonde fiancée, tried to leap. For the couple, there was a lot of fun: they lived together, worked together, and were about to tie the knot to occur. In the meantime, it became known that the couple is no longer together, but their participation in the game of seduction, there is something to do with it? Or they can still have their happy ending?

Presentatieduo And Gorgels, and Yolanthe Cabau van Kasbergen, the participants in the exciting relatietest. In addition to Pommelizio also Channah, and Quentin, well-known Dutch series of Ex On The Beach-a Double-Dutch season 3, with him. Also, She and her best friend, Thomas Cox, well-known Dutch Youtubers, hope in each other, their undying loyalty and to be able to be proved in the Temptation the Island of VIPS. The couple had been living in turbulent times, however, is confident that the lure to be able to do.
Damian and Shirley last but not least, both have a very different view of the ultimate relatietest. Damian , known to him Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, here We Go Again, the sequel to the much talked-Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Cherso, to find that his friend’s adventure to be underestimated. Why think, after all, the fact that the test is not that hard to do. And they wonder why the couples were in the wrong to be able to go. Anyone get the same?