Christoff, fear for the loss of his mother

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The bedgeheimen by Christoff emotionally, but that you could in advance to make a good assessment. Nevertheless, it was Christoff with a big smile next to James Cooke, in his bed. Christoff was allowed to Thursday night the week of the Girl’s Late-Night closing and did a couple of penalty decisions.
Christoff is a werkbeest, and he told me that he is in front of the people who work for him who was to feel, he was allowed to leave. Nevertheless, it has to have heart surgery earlier this year to re-think. “It’s just one click in my head. It was really hard for me,” says the singer. Suddenly, he had all the arrangements to cancel, and it’s easy to do, and that it is not used. Christoff is normally open 365 days a year, with a career in progress. “You must come with me. The ball is rolling now, let’s say in the future to stop it, and that would be it for me to really have a superzwart hole. It would also be a huge financial hangover will be,” admits the singer admitted. And there is something that he is not sure it is, “I have a fear that I was would be forgotten. Start with a cup of this to look for a job. I don’t have any qualifications, I still haven’t,” says the singer.